The Unknown: Where are Hillary’s Tears for Sharia’s Victims?

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On this new special edition of The Unknown, Anni Cyrus focuses on Where are Hillary’s Tears for Sharia’s Victims?, unveiling the lie behind Hillary’s “feminism”.

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And make sure to watch one of the most powerful episodes of The Unknown: To Be Raped Under Islam, in which Anni reveals the horror she endured under the Islamic Republic — and how she prevailed and is fighting back:

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2 thoughts on “The Unknown: Where are Hillary’s Tears for Sharia’s Victims?”

  1. We must get moving and push our USELESS politicians at each level of government to place their Oath of Office, our NATIONAL SECURITY and our Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 “provide for common defense” of this nation above political correctness (i.e. Cultural Marxism) before America is destroyed from within by the Muslim Brotherhood!
    Here is a simple challenge and that is to ask each of your politicians, from mayor to president and candidates this simple question: Is the Muslim Brotherhood in America our friend or foe? Please provide me with link(s) to support your views. This is a question each and every American must ask all the politicians representing them, from mayor to president.
    The Muslim Brotherhood wants to slowly form a global caliphate; an Ummah ruled by Shariah/Islamic law while ISIS/ISIL/Islamic state wants to form it fast. What is the difference between them? NOTHING, except deception i.e. how long to reach a global caliphate and the methods of doing so.
    Will you ask your two Senators and House member to co-sponsor these bills and ask your friends to do the same? On November 3rd Sen. Cruz (R-Texas) filed (S. 2230) and Rep. Diaz-Balart (R-Florida) filed (H.R.3892) both bills titled ‘‘Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015’’. These bills will require the Secretary of State to submit a report to Congress on the designation of the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization, and for other purposes.

  2. Thank you honey! I don’t think most Americans understand how the life of women in Iran is torment! You are right! They are not awake. Very sad.

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