Anni Cyrus Video: Top 10 Most Ridiculous Crimes and Punishments in Iran

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On this new special edition of Anni Cyrus’s “Top 10”,  Anni unveils the Top 10 Most Ridiculous Crimes and Punishments in Iran, casting a disturbing light on the surreal, dark and barbaric world of the Islamic Republic.

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7 thoughts on “Anni Cyrus Video: Top 10 Most Ridiculous Crimes and Punishments in Iran”

  1. Great, but sad, stuff. Playing God requires so much detail don’t ya know. The perils of so many “holy men” in one’s society that have a monopoly.

    1. Except about half of these ‘ crimes’ against islamic ‘ religious’ sharia, are modern in nature as there were no cars in the 7th century , or nailpolish let alone printed t-shirts , jeans and certain hairstyles.
      Islamic Rep. of Iran is obviously the most terrified of ‘ Western Influence’
      Actually not disimilar to the former USSR and even the Nazi’s who were rabid anti-American (and i.e.banned American swing dancing and music in Germany) Neither Nazi’s or Russian Communists could be considered ‘ holy men’ , so all boils down to anti West paranoia as tyrants of all shapes creeds and forms realise western freedoms are/were their greatest threat?

      1. You should get your facts right about jazz and Germany. They didn’t oppose it as a form of American culture. The motive was racism, because jazz could be seen as “negro” music. Other elements of American culture were not restricted. Plus it’s wrong to consider the 20th century America as a land of the free. After 1929 it’s just as bad as the rest of the western world. After 2001 it’s worse than most western countries.

  2. I just heard the other day I think on BBC that it is becoming popular with young Iranians to live together without getting married. How can they get away with that I would like to have a comments

    1. I would take anything BBC reports with a pinch of salt nowadays. They will report a nugget of truth, a few examples say, or unconfirmed reports , which they have been caught doing many times, and report this as a general occurance.
      All to assure their viewers Islamic states are ‘just like the West ‘and nothing to fear.
      They avoid negative news about Islamic states as much as they possibly can get away with.

  3. Most Americans are like the 3 monkeys. No, 4 monkeys.. blind, deaf, mute and dumb. I had to add one more monkey for the stupidity that surrounds me.

    Jews and others voting for the Democrats today, who are working with the Muslims Brotherhood, is the same as voting for the Nazi’s back in the 1930’s. Remember? That is how Germany destroyed its democracy and killed 13 million people and murdered 6 million Jews.

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