Jamie Glazov Moment: Why a Refugee Stabbed a Belgian Priest

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Why a Refugee Stabbed a Belgian Priest, wondering if the “asylum seeker” would have even bothered reading the Qur’an if he had a job in the first place.

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7 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment: Why a Refugee Stabbed a Belgian Priest”

  1. When are people going to realise that it is NOT ok to insult the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). People throughout the ages knew this. Everyone really needs to understand who this man Muhammad was and what exactly he brought to the world and at what period did he bring it. You don’t have to be a Muslim to know that he brought light to a dark world. Everyone owes Muhammad a great deal for what he done for them.. One must learn about him to get a true understanding of why he has been regarded throughout history as the greatest man who ever lived.

    2 billion followers of Islam. 2 billion love for the prophet as much as their parent. What do u expect. Be honest if anyone insults ur mother or father or ur children and draw nasty images for ur love ones u think that is acceptable. I don’t think so. As Muslim our love for our religion and the messenger is important. We love Moses and Jesus and the rest of the prophecy peace be upon them all. No mockery should be allowed with any religious beliefs. Isis got nothing to do with Islam. That’s a totally different issue. Plus Israel is not any better. Nobody saying anything about them. Until this very day they are stealing people’s homes and killing innocent people. Hey no coverage on that. Peace out

    1. Iftlkhar – your letter was a scary insight into the mind of an indoctrinated cult member. Also an insight into the threat doctrine the west faces right now. In our culture, critical thought and discussion of ideas is okay. If you don’t explore the opposing point of view, you cannot test the validity of your belief. The Lord bless you and keep you…..and give you peace.

    2. What a crock! Mohammad claimed that Ishmael was the father of Arabs, but Ishmael lived 3600 years before Christ and 4000 years before the establishment of Mecca., and his father Abram was born in Ur, city of Chaldeans over 2000 miles North of Arabia.

  2. Islam, submission to the will of Muslim mobs, was spread by the sword and is indeed, a totalitarian, misogynistic, paternalist, supremicist legal system with merely a tiny portion of religion, that has enslaved billions. There is no freedom. No right to change their minds. No freedom to quit. It punishes supposed blasphemy or apostacy by killing their own, against God’s own law, “thou shalt not kill.” It’s leader was a killer who partook in beheading hundreds of Jews who opposed his will. Islam is completely contrary to our freedoms. “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Muslims leaders deny this, and grasp at supreme control of the entire earth. Your taqiyya is to be expected. Your people are ruled by FEAR, not by a loving God. I choose God, and Jesus. I choose.

    1. Well said. THANK YOU. Every country has been able to engage peacefully with those it fought against in WW II. and others wars such as the Korean war. Christian cultures are the only ones who can forgive and move on. My parents were both Ukrainian and suffered greatly prior to immigrating the the US. I was never taught to hate Russians or Germans. Until the women of the medieval Muslims stand up and declare that they love and value their children more than they hate the infidels then there will never peace.

  3. If Hilliary and the Democrats win they will bring Sharia Law to America. Including Islamic Sex Slavery foor all women starting at 9 years old. Right now it looks like Hilliary is going to win.

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