Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown”: Devastating Coverage of a Hijab-Wearing American Fencer

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On this new special edition of The Unknown, Anni Cyrus discusses Devastating Coverage of a Hijab-Wearing American Fencer, sharing her confusion about why America is celebrating Islamic Law. 

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8 thoughts on “Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown”: Devastating Coverage of a Hijab-Wearing American Fencer”

  1. I have done some fencing and I appreciate that she has talent. But the way this is being reported is disgraceful. She was one of four women on the U.S. Women’s Saber Team who won the bronze. The press is not reporting that one of the other women Mariel Zagunis became the first fencer in U.S. history to medal at three different Games. She won individual golds in 2004 and 2008 and team bronze in 2008. They are also not reporting that Ibtihaj Muhammad came in for the third bout after Dagmara Wozniak and Mariel Zagunis shut out their opponents, giving the Americans a 10-0 lead after just two bouts. Nzingha Prescod is a black American fencer who went to the Olympics. She posed nude when she was featured in ESPN’s Body Issue where she shared her motivation to inspire more black girls to fence. Which took more courage – posing nude to celebrate an athletic female body or covering up to perpetuate the enslavement of women.

    1. Very good comment Dawn…………there is so much hate in the USA towards muslims, cos they wear so much clothing……….whereas as “”White girl”” can flaunt all of her body and men drool and drool

    2. Beautiful, artful representation of the female athletes body in the link you provided. Thank you for your insights.

  2. she was named Time magazine’s 100 most influential people and also was a guest featured on the Late Night Talk show with Stephen Colbert.

    You are right, Anni-and I thought this in the build up to the Olympic Games as well-why are they (mostly) lauding her for wearing her head scarf, and not for her athletic accomplishments? I wish one American member of the national media had reminded America that it is MANDATORY to cover and she would face repercussions from the Muslim community and her family if she refused to wear it. She is not wearing it as a form of “freedom of expression”. Our liberal media got is so wrong.

  3. Of course women who wear niqab or hijab are normal, intelligent and capable of running businesses. Your feelings are very similar to how many women felt in the 60’s when feminism started drastically changing the role of women in society. Feminists argued that many women have internalized the patriarchal value system and did not realize that they were oppressed. While these women argued that they were perfectly happy and content and did not need other women telling them they were subservient to men.

    Your feelings are authentic and I understand your position. This works right up until the time that something happens and you realize that you are prevented from accomplishing what you want because of the patriarchal sharia value system.

    It would be one thing to argue in favor of the niqab if it really were every womans choice but what happens to women who are killed if they don’t wear it? So women who have the freedom of choice are actually perpetuating and worse glorifying a symbol of slavery of their Muslim sisters who are forced to live this way.

    I would argue that clothing is a body shaming mechanism that occurs for women who cover and Western women who feel they have to starve themselves to wear revealing clothes. Body shame is a very successful method of controlling women. That is why the image of the nude fencer is so powerful, she is not ashamed of her body which is not at all a typical anorexic models body. She is proud of her muscular athletic body that she worked hard to achieve. However, the image of Ibtihaj Muhammad wearing hijab is not a courageous gesture. If anything it is contradictory and presenting a false narrative to the world that Muslim women have the same freedom of choice as other women. Frankly her wearing of it seems to be quite inauthentic and just a method to gain attention. Hers is the one sport that she could have maintained her beliefs without such dramatic coverage. Fencers wear masks, her head is already covered.

  4. I am sooooo happy u r not my neighbor. ..Probably it would be dead by now if you see me in my bikini. .God help us from Muslims

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