Anni Cyrus Video: Top 10 Facts About Pre-Islamic Iran

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On this new special edition of Anni Cyrus’s “Top 10”, Anni discusses the Top 10 Facts About Pre-Islamic Iran, sharing why she is so proud to unveil these facts  today — and why the Mullahs never will.

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And make sure to watch another special Anni Cyrus Top 10 in which Anni casts a disturbing light on The Top 10 Discriminating Rules Against Women in Iran, revealing the surreal discrimination women face in the Islamic Republic.

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One thought on “Anni Cyrus Video: Top 10 Facts About Pre-Islamic Iran”

  1. Anni, love your videos on pre Islamic Iran and Discriminating Rules against women. Especially interesting was learning about Cyrus the Greats achievements. I appreciate the pride with which you share the positive things about Iran.

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