Trump’s Sharia Test Proposal — on The Glazov Gang

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Nonie Darwish, the author of The Devil We Don’t Know.

Nonie discusses Trump’s Sharia Test Proposal, explaining why the ideological vetting of Muslim newcomers is long overdue.

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And make sure to watch Nonie discuss Facebook Punishes Me For Violating Sharia, sharing how she was banned for committing a thought crime about Islam:

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4 thoughts on “Trump’s Sharia Test Proposal — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. Muslims lie anyhow. Best thing to do is not to allow any Muslim in period. Can we do it in this PC generation? NO

  2. I like Nonie’s suggestion that new immigrants should sign a document outlining which political, social and barbaric practices are not tolerated and may be subject to criminal charges. Like FGM, striking your wife or children, Sharia law, polygamy, discrimination against Jews and Christians etc. etc. Also not reporting someone you may suspect of violent crime would make you criminally responsible. 2/3 of Muslims would not report someone they suspect of planning a violent act. This document should stress integration and make immigrants familiar with our cultural norms and laws – what their responsibilities are to be a member of our society. I never hear our Canadian government talk about this. I have asked for a copy of their orientation material for new immigrants and have received no response. What is so secret about this? It should be posted on the Immigration Canada website along with information on how to apply for citizenship.

  3. re Nonie Darwish’s (Facebook Punishes Me For Violating Sharia) I want to share my similar experience and anger towards Facebook administrators. They disabled my account because I defended the authenticity of Bible and replied to a Muslim commenter who was attacking the Bible and was very misinformed. I said we still have original copies of Bible and told him to go and search the authenticity of his Quran first and check if the version between his hands is the original one after Othman ibn Affan burned other versions, and how can he trust the Hadith if it was written 200 years after Muhammad’s death. I also replied to another Muslim who was attacking the society in North America for “oppressing” muslim youth and not treating them well, so I suggested he immigrates to Saudi Arabia so he might enjoy the lifestyle there which follows the Sahria. I think FACEBOOK is hiring a bunch of hard core muslims to manage his accounts… an investigation is required to expose this new trend in Facebook actions.

  4. (cont’d) I forgot to mention also that when I reply I use very respectful language. If someone attacks my religion I always respond politely but I do use historic facts about the Quran or Hadith … so why facebook is closing accounts that reply to muslims with reason but do not close accounts that belong to muslims who are spreading hate, jihad ideology and terrorism and attack governments of Europe and North America? … something fishy is going on with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg’s establishment… and once he started this twisted trend I can see the demise of facebook looming in the horizon … facebook should be exposed…

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