Honor Killing Your Own Sister for Islam — Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown”

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On this new special edition of The Unknown, Anni Cyrus focuses on Honor Killing Your Own Sister for Islam, wondering if Hillary will stand up for the memory of Farideh and tweet about her.

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And make sure to watch Anni discuss Islam’s Rape Game in Europe, giving the deniers their first clue:

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3 thoughts on “Honor Killing Your Own Sister for Islam — Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown””

  1. we need to never forget a single woman or childs name that has been killed, tortured raped and oppressed by Islam… Every time a person looses their life thanks to the ideology we need to know them by name, we need to share the lights that was blow out, when their lives were ended…

    1. God knows ,sees , feels .
      .Whatever disgusting, dark hole islam slithered out from, it needs to be banned, forbidden,,disgarded…
      .CUT OFF..
      What a vile , horrific , unacceptable. Unenlightened fraud …that is islam .ddegenerates and foul savages.These korandathals should have no say in Any Western Nation …GET OUT
      Father God+ Your children Need you..
      LOVE, Hope ,SAVIOR , Laver , Friend .+ .

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