Behind the Terror in NYC, New Jersey and Minnesota — a Daniel Greenfield Moment

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This special edition of the Glazov Gang is joined by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and the editor of Frontpage’s blog, The Point.

Daniel discussed Behind the Terror in NYC, New Jersey and Minnesota and asks: Is it time we had enough?

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And make sure to watch Daniel discuss The Real Meaning of ‘Allahu Akbar’, revealing why you should be very suspicious of the translation the media provides after every Jihadi attack.

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2 thoughts on “Behind the Terror in NYC, New Jersey and Minnesota — a Daniel Greenfield Moment”

  1. Yes. That’s the prescient and final question: Do we want to live/keep living this way? Death by a thousand cuts and the cowing of us to not do what makes perfect sense — profiling. Thankfully, the guy that did the NY and NJ bombings was inept and no one was killed. But we find out he did multiple trips to the Afghan/Pak area and some signs were extant that he was being radicalized.

    One thing I would like some good journalists to look into is this: Where the hell are they getting the money for these travels? It seems most of the attackers are living almost at the subsistence level (or just above), yet they buy round-trip plane tickets that must cost hundreds or thousands.

    Similarly, I heard accounts of how illegal immigrants that cross our Southern border have to pay smugglers from five to seven thousand dollars. We are told they are escaping poverty from Central America and other places. Oh really? Or are they being put into indentured servitude here in the US to pay off their “fee”. Who is paying and how?

    Importing an underclass, slaves, and potentially violent miscreants. Thank you Democrats. Thank you Obama. I had no idea your votes are so valuable and cheap at the same time.

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