Hillary and the Mysterious Motives Behind Terror Attacks — Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown”

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On this new special edition of The Unknown, Anni Cyrus focuses on Hillary and the Mysterious Motives Behind Terror Attacks, unveiling when willful blindness yields surrender. 

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One thought on “Hillary and the Mysterious Motives Behind Terror Attacks — Anni Cyrus’ “Unknown””

  1. Anni, thats a good question on how Hillary can get away with the things that everyone else would spend time in jail for and why we have so many blind people that can’t see what is going on here. Obama wanting us to give up some of our freedoms to the UN, Hillary is for Shri Law, she and Obama are crook’s and have set themselves up to be safe when islam given the key to the White House. My first red flag was when we gave Iraq all those weapons and military equipment and they run and leave all of it for Isis to get, who takes a military vehicle and a weapon leaves it and run on foot to get away. then they some how loose billions of dollars and have no idea where it went, but they can keep up with every tax dollar we owe, Then Hillary and Bill according to Hillary left the White House broke, and today have millions. yea there’s somethings they don’t want us to know and they know if Trump win’s he will expose everything. and we need to know. Then you let thousands of Muslims refergees in to our country from a country who wants us dead. Train Muslim’s in our country to fight in their country and they mysteriously disappear here. And we have 22 Muslim training camps right here in America and we let our government sit and tell us they can’t do anything because they have not done anything wrong, HaHaHa, Training camps to train to kill who us, look at the map where the camps are and you can see they surround us and we have had bombings and shootings and killing Americans near these camps. I have the same question as you WHY!

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