Muslim Woman Attacks Christian Preacher — on The Glazov Gang

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Muslim persecution of Christians is accelerating with ferocious and horrifying tenacity around the world — with a Muslim mob demanding the execution of a Christian teen accused of “insulting Islam” and Muslims threatening riots if Asia Bibi is released from prison being two recent manifestations of this terror.

In response to this Islamic barbarism against Christians, and our government’s and media’s shameful silence about it, the Glazov  Gang is running one of its most popular episodes: a program joined by Louis Lionheart, a Christian preacher who engages in open-air debates, dialogues and evangelism on 3rd. Street Promenade in Santa Monica, California.

Louis came on the show to discuss Muslim Woman Attacks Christian Preacher, sharing the incident that occurred with him on 3rd St. when he dared to tell the truth about Mohammed and Aisha. (The video clip of the assault is played at the 4:25 mark of the program).

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And make sure to watch Shillman Fellow Raymond Ibrahim discuss Islamic Hate for the Christian Cross, unveiling what really lies behind Muslim hatred of the Crucifix:

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6 thoughts on “Muslim Woman Attacks Christian Preacher — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. You cannot trust any Muslim. They are aggressive and violent. They don’t want to know the truth or acknowledge it. They should not be in the West

  2. I liked the way the preacher handled the situation when the Muslima tried to suppress his talk by sidling in and talking over him: He just blurts out “Mohammad was a paedophile!” and the woman immediately and violently freaks out, putting paid to her pretence of ‘rational’ discussion and providing a nice little demonstration to the crowd of the true nature of Islam. He had obviously used this tactic before. Oh, and the minders. So necessary.

  3. A friend from India was preaching on the street in Calgary, Alberta, Canada one time some years ago. He didn’t mention anything about Islam at all. He was just preaching Jesus. This Turkish Muslim woman came up and started yelling at him, calling him names. She was about 7 months pregnant and nicely dressed – not a street person. She was there with her family.

    My friend did not react in kind and just kept trying to explain the Gospel and be nice to her. She called him names and insulted him personally. I tried to defuse it as best I could, and she started yelling at me. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    We had said nothing about Islam at all, only about the Bible and Jesus. She went totally out of her mind just like the woman in the video.

    Very strange.

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