4 thoughts on “Video: Jamie Glazov: Anti-Trump Protests Carry Communist “Virus””

  1. Jamie, you’re one of the good guys. I know how much your family suffered in resisting communism and it must hurt to see this disease infecting the western nations. Keep up the good work!

  2. I thought Tiffany Gabbay would be in this video, but she is not. Where is she, and how can I see her? Why is her name mentioned in connection with this video???

    1. Hi Keith, because it is a clip from the show. If you click on where it says to watch the whole episode, you can watch the whole show where you can see Tiffany. You have to subscribe to the Rebel to see it, but it is worth being to subscribe to the Rebel!

  3. You tought me alot about dangers of leftist politics, political islam. benefits of capitalism. your definitely one of the good guys. ill never support liberalism any more. had no idea how currupt it was im a conservative for life. signed petition ActForAmerica.
    please follow me on twitter.

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