Mark Tapson Moment: The Left’s War on Masculinity

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This special edition of the Glazov Gang presents the Mark Tapson Moment hosted by Mark Tapson, editor of

Mark discussed The Left’s War on Masculinity, unveiling how cultural Marxism is undermining the West’s ability to defend itself against civilizational jihad.

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And make sure to watch Jamie focus on Why is Maoist Van Jones on CNN?, where he asks: Why exactly does a communist who heroizes a mass murderer get to be a star on a major cable news network?

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2 thoughts on “Mark Tapson Moment: The Left’s War on Masculinity”

  1. Mark is absolutely correct in his assertions and Tony Robinson, you are the one who should stop dicking around. You are a prime evidence of a gutless unmanly attitude today. Further evidence can be seen in our entertainment industry, particularly TV series shows where woman are portrayed as dominant and wise while males are portrayed as submissive and basically just stupid. While I have nothing against woman climbing up the societal ladder I do have a problem with males being kicked down in the process. How about a little equality here?

  2. Thank you Mark – agreed! Western men should organzie and send a stern message to the Muslim population that think it’s acceptable to rape, gang rape. The Koran actually encourages rape, i notice how the feminists don’t have anything to say about that?

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