Anni Cyrus Moment: How I Was Screened as a Refugee

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This special episode of The Glazov Gang presents The Anni Cyrus Moment with Anny Cyrus, the producer of the show. Anni discusses How I Was Screened as a Refugee and shares why she embraced it.

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And make sure to watch Anni focus on Lies About Hijab 101, where she unveils a “seminar” that is setting out to normalize vicious savagery against women:

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4 thoughts on “Anni Cyrus Moment: How I Was Screened as a Refugee”

  1. Anni is awesome! She and more like her are welcome here! All we want is to be safe like she said. We don’t want Sharia Law. Whoever comes here for a new life should assimilate. Keep your customs, keep your language, sure, but know you are in America now. As the saying goes, :”When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

    1. Golly, Cassi, I think I You’ve explained my life. Here all this time I’ been thinking it was, “When in Rome, do as the Romainians do”!

  2. The only people who will tell the truths about Islam are the ones who know ie. the former Muslims, the rest will lie. Either through conviction, brain washing (which is really the same)
    or deception as a means to weaken the non Muslims. lf you been taught one way of thinking since childhood how can you change,
    all religions try to indoctrinate and obscure reality to hold on to their power, by keeping people afraid and subserviant

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