Robert Spencer Moment: “The Hill” Bows to the Islamic War on Free Speech

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents the Robert Spencer Moment with Robert Spencer, the Director of and the author of the new book The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS.

Robert discusses “The Hill” Bows to the Islamic War on Free Speech, revealing how the cowards who give up the freedom of speech at the slightest provocation don’t realize what is coming.

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4 thoughts on “Robert Spencer Moment: “The Hill” Bows to the Islamic War on Free Speech”

  1. The prospect of the OIC’s possibly geting such a restraint on freedom of speech wud give them tremendous power… If people R advocating for the adoption of Shari’a as national law & someone wanted to criticize/object… as soon as they got to the word “because…” it wud be anti-Islamic & they cud not even explain their objections…
    But everyone knows the tide has turned… they will be pushed back… Whatever is necessary!!!

  2. I have not. I Shared this many times and educate people about the danagers of Islam.

    It is Cultural War that means Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture or Westrn Culture must destroy Islamic Culture. Our last Cultural War was with the America Indians that ended in Genocide for them. This time we are the Indians.

    1. If we lose, Western civilization will collapse. Not the first time it happened. It happened after Persia and Egypt fell in the late 8th century. Europe was also being invaded and ravaged. The Med. Sea was turned into cess pool of Muslim pirates and Slavers. It took nearly 300 years for the West to rise up from the Islamic reign of terror AKA the dark ages.

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