Anne Marie Waters Moment: Sharia’s Fiefdoms Conquering Britain

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This special edition of the Glazov Gang presents the Anne Marie Waters Moment with Anne Marie Waters, the Director of Sharia Watch UK.

Anne Marie discusses Sharia’s Fiefdoms Conquering Britain, unveiling how the U.K. is slowly, but surely, becoming an Islamic State.

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And make sure to watch Anne Marie focus on The Islamic Darkness Descends on Europe, revealing that the horror is here and that now is the time to stand up and reclaim our civilization:

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4 thoughts on “Anne Marie Waters Moment: Sharia’s Fiefdoms Conquering Britain”

    1. Anne-Marie has poignantly illustrated the very difficult challenge with which not only the U.K. but also most of the Western world is grappling. The election of Donald Trump is due in large part to the common man’s disgusted reaction to the leadership of a self-appointed elite whose ignorance of history and mis-measure of man resulted in some of the most stupid policies imaginable. But since these elites were not adversely affected themselves, they cared very little for the consequences of their policies.

      Tony’s irrelevant rhetorical question merely illustrates the banality of his truly limited mind, product, no doubt, of government education.

      1. Trump represent the beginning of sound revolution for the salvation of the western Judeo-Christian civilization. The elite did not care about the fate of their own nation becoming the undertakers of their own nations.
        Just watch and see what America under Trump will become.
        It is about time!

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