Jamie Glazov Moment: Thank you President Trump for Naming “Radical Islamic Terrorism”

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie says: Thank you President Trump for Naming “Radical Islamic Terrorism” and unveils the dire urgency of knowing the enemy and making a threat assessment.

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And make sure you watch Jamie discuss The Spiritual Roots of Trump Derangement Syndrome, where he reflects on the Left’s ferocious rage at Trump’s inauguration:

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4 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment: Thank you President Trump for Naming “Radical Islamic Terrorism””

  1. You nail it time after time, Jamie! Thank you for that!

    I may see you again this year at the Boxing HOF in Canastota, again this year. Warren Rutherford is trying to talk me into it again! I hope he does.

    Keep punchin’,

    Earl in Winnipeg

  2. Thank you Jamie for the most accurate comment yet on radical Islam’s ideology and how whether their interpretation being correct or not is irrelevant.

  3. They see us as less. Just like how we once saw Blacks and Jews. Or how we see our pets, as less, but we respect our pets. Islam see us as Keffers and Dimmi’s, an Islam slave, for men only. Islam see’s women as lower then dogs or as nothing. Not even at the slave level of men. See, The Third Choice by Mark Durie

  4. Excellent analysis by Jamie of the need for identifying the enemy. It is insane self-suicide NOT to identify and name the enemy. I wish I understood the left’s insatiable appetite for appeasing Islam. Do they not see the destruction, the heinous violence and degradation of human life and dignity? If not, how can they miss it? If they do see it, yet appease nonetheless, what does this say about the left? Does the left truly want the destruction of America?

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