Jamie Glazov Moment: Muslim Primary School Students Threaten to Behead Teacher

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Muslim Primary School Students Threaten to Behead Teacher, analyzing how a teacher in Punchbowl Public School in Sydney’s southwest has to deal with Suras 47:4 and 8:12.

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And make sure to watch Jamie call out Joy Reid’s Smear of Sebastian Gorka and other Counter-Jihadists, unveiling the malicious lie the Left regurgitates over and over to camouflage the ideology that hates us and means us harm:

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3 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment: Muslim Primary School Students Threaten to Behead Teacher”

  1. No comment! Don’t won’t the anti-islamaphobia police to send me to the Gulag! or worse, beheading by the little darlings… G’nite…Gotta get up early tomorrow for my Quar’an classes. One can never be to safe!!!

    1. Robin Rosenblatt I believe it! I have some born again Christian friends in that area and thank God for them, they support Israel. So do I, I was born Jewish, but now have Christian faith, but the Jew in me is alive and well, this sickens all who are aware to the core.
      To Jamie Glazov:
      In response to the video above and the violent threats that those students made. I am a bit reticent to share a link, why? I wonder sometimes, if sharing this type of news could have an unfortunate opposite effect, which could possibly be adding fuel to their immature fire. Another question as it pertains to this unfortunate circumstance is….. What type of curriculum does that school have, where teachers have no authority over the behaviors of their students? Did it happen out of a bag, or was this a permissive environment with overly submissive teachers? I am not sure so I won’t share until I am. Thank you for your dedication to spreading the truth about the threats that extreme Islamist’s are to many people’s in many countries including our own. I respect your work it’s valuable. I hope you can take this video and invite Greenfield etc., Pamela Geller and have a town hall type meeting where all aspects of that situation in Sydney, Austrailia can be brought to light.
      When I sell a painting my only gainful way of making a living, as I am retired, I will put my money where my mouth is. I really do love the Glazov Moment and have for quite some time.

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