Shireen Qudosi on “Muslims Oppressing Muslims” — on The Glazov Gang

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by Shireen Qudosi, the Director of Muslim Matters at America Matters.

Shireen discussed Muslims Oppressing Muslims, calling for a standard that Muslims must be held to.

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4 thoughts on “Shireen Qudosi on “Muslims Oppressing Muslims” — on The Glazov Gang”

  1. The Koran has only 20% about Islam the rest is about us the Infidels. Islam is religion of power and strength. Muslims go after anyone who is not muslims. Then when they run out of Infidels they go after the weakest Muslims because Islam has not changed it is a war, hate and slave culture.

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  3. The question to ask is this: Would Mohammed assimilate?

    That question is never asked because the answer is NO, Mohammed would not assimilate to Western Laws he would do what’s been done under his banner for 1400 years. Dominate.

    Muslims can participate in debate all day long but, would Mohammed assimilate is the question these same Muslims must ask themselves but don’t because they know the answer is NO.

    Stealth Jihad comes in many forms.

  4. Shireen,

    You are a winsome, articulate woman with an engaging personality- I suppose I can see why Jamie likes to have you on the show. Moreover, I salute your courage in proclaiming this sanitized version of Islam. But if anything, I am more convinced than I was a couple of weeks ago, when you last appeared on the Gang, that you are a deceptive individual.

    After your most recent appearance, I questioned you integrity when you disingenuously claimed that Islam “historically, Islam has always expanded under political campaigns.”- I noted that, on the contrary, Islam had frequently expanded by military means and by suppressing the infidel with dhimmitude. You chose not to respond to my challenge, so my doubts about your integrity stand.

    But wait- this week, there’s more! I might start by noting that you describes yourself as “conservative”. Well I understand that the word is overloaded with differing, even contradictory, meanings. But one thing that conservatives in the American political tradition hold dear, and that you, as a practicing Moslem, cannot be, is one who cherishes liberty: Russel Kirk, you ain’t. There are a thousand reasons I might say that, but certainly nobody who values liberty could adhere to an ideology that calls for the murder of apostates. And that is exactly what Islam stands for: Sahih Bukhari notes in multiple hadiths that Mohammad called for the death of those who abandon their faith in Islam. And, Shireen, don’t try, once again, to claim that hadiths like Bukhari 84:57 (“Whoever changes his Islamic religion, then kill him”) is a weak hadith: I think you know very well that Bukhari is the veritable gold standard of reliable hadiths. Moreover, despite some disagreement on the matter, Moslems throughout history, have recognized the requirement under sharia to kill the apostate.

    Whatever your personal beliefs may be, Shireen, you subscribe to an ideology that has long proclaimed- and acted upon- the need to kill apostates. Is that somehow your version of “justice”? Is that what your “god” proclaims?? Were the consequences not so deadly to those I value, your self-proclaimed disdain for injustice would strike me as utterly laughable.

    To take a different tack, you have expressed your fealty to the First Amendment of the American Constitution. Now, where, Shireen, has a Moslem society ever had anything approximating the First Amendment? Your murderous, pedophile prophet (do you approve of 50+ year old men raping nine year old girls??), the role model for all men, had a poet, who had mocked him, murdered (Buhkari 59:369- pretty standard fare for that P-O-S of a prophet). Is that your idea of “freedom of speech”? Is that what you seek to impose on the United States of America???

    As for the “free exercise” of religion, guaranteed under the First Amendment, perhaps you could have the intellectual integrity to explain how an ideology that proclaims the propriety- even necessity- to give defeated foes the choice of either conversion to Islam, or accepting a second class citizen (complete with “paying the jizya with willing submission), or death, is consistent with the “free exercise” of religion? It just isn’t, Shireen, and I think you know it.

    In conclusion, I find Shireen Qudosi to be a pleasing, articulate deceiver. What I do not know if it is a matter of self-deception, or, simply, taqiyya (conceivably there are elements of both). You present a false impression of what Islam is from both the standpoint of its canonical, foundational texts as well as its history. Shireen, you can do better. You are an intelligent person with some notable attributes: why can you not face the hard questions about Islam and, like Anni Cyrus, Ibn Warraq, Nonie Darwish and many others, leave that horrible cult called Islam?


    Liatris Spicata

    P.S. I w ould be interested in your public response to my challenge to you. Or, should you prefer, I think, at your request, I can rely on the good offices of Jamie Glazov to connect us personally.


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