Anni Cyrus’ Unknown: Forbes’ Deal with the Devil

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On this new special episode of The Unknown, Anni Cyrus focused on Forbes’ Deal with the Devil, asking: Is Iran really one of the top 10 coolest places to go in 2017?

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And make sure you watch Anni cast a disturbing light on Islam’s Rape Game in Europe, giving the deniers their first clue:

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3 thoughts on “Anni Cyrus’ Unknown: Forbes’ Deal with the Devil”

  1. I believe that Iran is a beautiful and very interesting country to visit. Certainly the historical aspect of this country. But unfortunately the regime does not allow for touring around safely. A small word of an angry resident can already make you locked up. Therefore, no thanks. I prefer to wait until the regime is breathing a true spirit of freedom.
    Thank you Anni to remind us of this.

  2. When you have that much hatred of women in the Koran and hadiths, the way it will play out is in violence and sexual torture.

    Women are called ‘domestic animals’ and ‘prisoners’ in the last sermon of Mohammed. All women are slaves in Islam…slaves for eternity.

  3. I can not understand that it is so difficult to see the FACT,
    Islam = a dangerous ideological CULT !

    Is not a Religion !

    HOW can western People be so blind and stupid?
    Not enough evidence there?
    WHAT has to happen more …..?

    Every so-called “EX-Muslim” who leave this “Cult” has my
    full RESPECT , and those WHO even admit to so-called “Atheists” (NON-Believers) get my absolute Respect!

    especially every Woman should wake up !

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