Jamie Glazov Moment: How Not to Blame Islam for the Jihad in London

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie gives key tips on How Not to Blame Islam for the Jihad in London, offering a simple and easy-to-understand how-to video for leftists on how and why to maintain Jihad-Denial.

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And make sure to watch Jamie call out Joy Reid’s Smear of Sebastian Gorka and other Counter-Jihadists, unveiling the malicious lie the Left regurgitates over and over to camouflage the ideology that hates us and means us harm:

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5 thoughts on “Jamie Glazov Moment: How Not to Blame Islam for the Jihad in London”

  1. I’m sure their Islamic faith is incidental to their murders. If you notice many of those so-called jihadists were wearing Levi jeans as they commit their crimes or prior to their crimes. The jeans have a tendency to shrink. The tightness of their jeans is actually the underlying common denominator. Yes they are guilty but their real underlying error has to do with clothing choice!

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