Sandra Solomon Moment: The Hajj in Islam and Sexual Harassment

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This special edition of The Glazov Gang presents The Sandra Solomon Moment, with Sandra Solomon, an ex-Muslim who grew up in Saudi Arabia who is now valiantly fighting against the Islamization of the West — and of her new home country of Canada in particular. (Support Sandra on her Facebook Page HERE.)

Sandra unveils The Hajj in Islam and Sexual Harassment, sharing the nightmare she experienced while circling around the Kaba.

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And make sure to watch Sandra discuss What Islam Taught Me About the Jews, where she shares how the life of Mohammed, the Koran and Hadith taught her a very clear message:

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2 thoughts on “Sandra Solomon Moment: The Hajj in Islam and Sexual Harassment”

  1. Sandra Solomon is one brave lady and I am awed by her revelations of Islam. God bless you Sandra.

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