Brian of London Moment: Trump’s Courage on Islam

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This special edition of the Glazov Gang presents the Brian of London Moment with Dr. Brian of London, an indigenous Jewish rights activist.

Dr. Brian of London focused on Trump’s Courage on Islam, unveiling the destructive games the president won’t play.

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4 thoughts on “Brian of London Moment: Trump’s Courage on Islam”

    1. Extremists need to again promulgate a SEE – a Significant Emotional Event either equivalent to 9-11 or worse to make news. Like their “Holy Men”, they love to be seen and heard. Very un-spiritual. Then, hopefully, the West will have leaders (or at least ONE) who will be unconstrained in sending out our stealth guys and stealth machines (like, uh, the B2 “Spirit”) to perform an enema on behalf of the USA and the World.

  1. forget about the france result. you’d expect that. they have a history of appeasement. unfortunately, they won’t be able to avoid the consequences of trying to avoid reality.

    1. France = A swirling toilet bowl with a tank filled with Islamo-Nazis who’ll replace the French “men” and “womyn” going down the drain.

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