Bill Warner Moment: How Do You Reform Allah’s Perfection?

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This special edition of the Glazov Gang presents the Dr. Bill Warner Moment with Dr. Bill Warner, the president of

Dr. Warner asks How Do You Reform Allah’s Perfection?,  focusing  in on the problem of Islamic reform.

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And make sure to watch Dr. Warner discuss How to Use the Elements of Islam to Vet Muslim Migrants, where he asks: Is the Koran wrong or right about wife-beating, sexual slavery, killing unbelievers and political assassinations?

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4 thoughts on “Bill Warner Moment: How Do You Reform Allah’s Perfection?”

  1. VERY GOOD. However, Bill Warner left out something very important, about why you can’t reform Islam.

    You can’t reform the Quran because you will be killed as an apostate, under the authority of the Sunnah. And Muslims are allowed to ‘take the law into their own hands’ on this one. And even if the killing of apostates is illegal in the Muslim state, the state will often decline to prosecute.

  2. In other words, the Muslims AND the rest of humanity are “perfectly” TRAPPED, with some adherents and the Left conducting propaganda and Lawfare to tamp down effective criticism and mockery. As with other diseases of the mind, it seems only individual intervention is required. A conclusion must come from within. However, the increasing decadence (of the culture and politics) of Western society provides a poor example for sparking effective interventions.

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