Brian of London Moment: Immigration – How Israel Does it Right

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This special edition of the Glazov Gang presents the Brian of London Moment with Dr. Brian of London, an indigenous Jewish rights activist.

Dr. Brian of London discusses Immigration – How Israel Does it Right, revealing the Jewish State’s brilliant prescription for preventing Islamization. 

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And make sure to watch Dr. Brian focus on Trump’s Courage on Islam, where he unveils the destructive games the president won’t play.

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3 thoughts on “Brian of London Moment: Immigration – How Israel Does it Right”

  1. Interesting. Seems like Israel not only has a “melting pot”, but it first designed what the pot, and its contents, should look like. A design and a recipe.

    Seems like where the USA went off track was the Ted Kennedy designed immigration law/system established with 1965 Democovet legislation, where the designed intent was hidden and obfuscated time bomb; not the political purpose to make the nation better but to accommodate political party purposes.

    1. DMark-

      Those for whom Ted Kennedy is a revered icon would do well to remember that St. Ted, of Chappaquiddick fame, assured the American public that his immigration reform would not change the racial or ethnic composition of the United States.

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