Unknown: Islam’s “Kill-All-Jews” Day and the Left’s Hateful Silence

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On this new special edition of The UnknownAnni Cyrus focuses on Islam’s “Kill-All-Jews” Day and the Left’s Hateful Silence. She sheds light on Muslims chanting “Death to Jews!” on “Al-Quds” Day and wonders: Where are the leftist howls of indignation?

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And make sure to Anni discuss Rosie O’Donnell’s Jihadist Romance, where Anni reflects on how funding a supporter of Islamic terror is the “progressive” thing to do:

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9 thoughts on “Unknown: Islam’s “Kill-All-Jews” Day and the Left’s Hateful Silence”

  1. I don’t care. Jewry is bringing Muslims and Africans to Europe to initiate 3rd world war. All part of their White genocide planned over hundred of years ago. Muslims and Blacks are Jews Proxy ARmy.
    Are you controlled opposition Glazov? Seem to only talk about Muslims.

    1. She was a mulsim they won’t stop at jews and blacks,she knows. They want world domination the jews will not be in charge muslims will. They are committing suicide.

    2. Muslims are ill. The UK is finished. Annie, you are beautiful and brave and love you and Jamie. FINALLY, some one is talking about the ELEPHANT on the room- the disaster in the UK, the Jew hatred in the WORLD AND LACK OF THE the VICIOUS AND DISHONEST BBC that perpetuates it and doesn’t even cover THE NEWS! YET COVERY JEREMY CORBYN! LET’S FACE IT, WHAT MAY BE THE MUSLIM HITLER! SOMEBODY GOOGLE THIS POS! HE resembles the history of Hitler in many respects of his early life. Did you know he laid a wreath at the Munich Terrorists grave and hrs been an active Jew hater in government for many years in the UK? UNACCEPTABLE! The UK is finished! When the hate is like that, it’s akin to a serial killer beginning with killing animals before killing people. THERE ARE SIGNS THAT THE UK IS DONE BECAUSE OF ISLAM. ISLAM MUST BE STOPPED. ALL AROUND THE WORLD THEY ARE MURDEROUS KILLINGS OF ALL LIVING THINGS. There is no peaceful Islam. Israel has every right to live in peace. It is their land. The whole world has been dominated by Islam and their warriors. How many have to die for the world to learn?

  2. Anyone have a link showing a large group of Jews demonstrating, marching, or “protesting” and SPECIFICALLY calling for the deaths of other ethnic groups or members of another “religion” (or political movement disguised as a religion)?

    Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs doing the same?

  3. It is true that Muslim terrorists kill other people, even Muslims………..and whats the numbers in the past 20 yrs or so, 100s or a few thousands………..the USA has deliberately murdered 100s of thousands of people of all Faiths, mostly muslims………then you wonder why Muslim terrorists are after American blood………….I would as well…………YANKEE MURDERERS

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