Wild Bill Arrested in Canada for Violating Islamic Blasphemy Laws – Glazov Gang

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This new special edition of The Glazov Gang was joined by William Finlay, otherwise known as Wild Bill for America at
OutLawsChapel.com, and Christine Williams, a columnist at JihadWatch.org and author of the new book, The Challenge of Modernizing Islam.

Bill and Christine focused on Wild Bill Arrested in Canada for Violating Islamic Blasphemy Laws, shedding a disturbing light on when standing up for the rights of Muslim women under Sharia is criminalized as “hatred.”

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And make sure to watch Christine Williams discuss Canada’s Surrender to Islamic Blasphemy Laws?, where she asks: Why exactly is the Canadian Parliament moving Canada toward Sharia?

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10 thoughts on “Wild Bill Arrested in Canada for Violating Islamic Blasphemy Laws – Glazov Gang”

  1. This story is terrifying. We, the public, have to stand up against this threat. It will not be easy. We will be accused of Islamaphobia, bigotry, etc. Our politicians are complicit. We need to make this an election issue. We need leadership. I don’t know where to begin.

    1. I wrote an email to my MP who is liberal ???? And he hasn’t answered me back. He is already aware of my position in all the ridiculous and frightening laws the Libs are putting in
      Place and answers me back like Trudeau talks – in other words – says nothing of value. It’s time to picket every liberal MP’s office across Canada – it will make the news- thing is talk Is cheap on Facebook – but people getting out in the public eye and speaking up would get notice

    2. You begin with the 2nd amendment anytime they go against The USA Constitution. If they approach you with there pedophile women beating views — attack them as traitors to our Constitution.

    3. Where to start is too Pray and ask the Father what to do.
      If every person that was in there Country did this we would be saturated with ways to combat our enemys, Yes ?

  2. I’m from Canada. My beautiful country that I was born in is under threat. The beautiful freedom and democracy and peaceful country that I grew up in is in danger. Our enemy is the worst as its our own majority federal gov’t that is supposed to protect us doing whatever they like and bulldozing their globalist and Islam agenda down Canadians throats and brainwashing the people , the young people in 2ndary eduacational institutes ie colleges and universities. so that they literally don’t think for themselves. Politically correct left wing propoganda is active. The left wing media is doing the same and our very own CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corp mainly funded by the taxpayer is really a political propoganda machine for the liberals for decades. Trudeaus father Pierre has brought about the trouble for Canada we have today with his multiculturalim and his putting human rights in constitution but he put the mainly liberal courts in charge of disiphering the law and cases. We already had human rights legislation from parliament elected MPs by the people to protect all citizens. Now his son Justin doesn’t care about our security and as soon as he got in power with muslim advisors to boot and about 7 muslim liberal MPs rushed in 30.000 muslims refugees with little vetting and that was just after the Paris attacks. He’s promoting Bill M-l03 that was passed because when the opposition asked the muslim lady MP that promoted this bill she said she would have to go talk to Justin Trudeau. That showed us what we already were thinking that he was promoting this bill. Terrible. A muslim lady who has been in Canada for 27 years have her name somewhere here, warned of the danger of this bill. to bring in a blasphamy law a form of Sharia law into Canada. She said every canadian citizen should oppose this bill. I’m sick with how Trudeau is out to destroy our country and turn it into a 3rd world nation run by globalists or Islam. I will look up the petition. Thanks.

  3. If Canada didn’t have a blasphemy law against Nazism during the Second World War, why have one about the ideology of Submission (Islam in Arabic) during the Global Jihad?

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