New Counter-Jihad TV Network! ACU News!

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We are excited to announce that a new Counter-Jihad web-television network has been launched! The first of its kind, Anni Cyrus Unfiltered (ACU) News has now gone live to help resist the Islamization of America and the West by exposing the Left-Islamic agenda for what it really is.

While leftist fake news delivers its expected denial about the threat posed by the Left-Islamic agenda, many conservative television outlets also, unfortunately, practice self-censorship — often masking the true malicious forces lurking behind the Left, while camouflaging the undeniable Islamic roots of the Jihadist threat.

This is where ACU News fills the catastrophic void — delivering breaking television coverage that gives you the news and analysis of the threat our civilization faces uncensored.

Get informed and get involved! Make sure you are subscribed to ACU News today, both to its Website and to its YouTube Channel.


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And make sure to watch Anni Cyrus’ new video, which has gone viral worldwide: Linda Sarsour: The Enemy of the State. This is the kind of programming that ACU News delivers — and that you won’t find anywhere else:


5 thoughts on “New Counter-Jihad TV Network! ACU News!”

  1. AT LAST. Another beautiful woman like Ayan Hirsi Alli who understands, and tells it as only they can. Stay strong.

  2. To the left, supporters of America are enemies of the state, and seditionists or those calling for the islamization of America are good people.

  3. More anti-Islam commentary with no reference to how the wealthy elite fully support the islamization of their western nations. Nobody touches this subject. Ever. The commentator is completely right about the wickedness of Islam. But why not talk about why Warren Buffett supports candidates that promise to bring in as many Muslims as possible.

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