Halal Certification: The Unpalatable Truth – Glazov Gang

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On this new special edition of The Glazov Gang, we feature Kirralie Smith, president of HalalChoices.com.au.

Kirralie discusses Halal Certification: The Unpalatable Truth, unveiling a world of fraud, bribery, intimidation and corruption.

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And make sure to watch Anni Cyrus‘ recent stirring speech at the United America First Rally in California on July 8, 2017, where she spoke of how she escaped Sharia and then issued A Bone-Chilling Warning to America:

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10 thoughts on “Halal Certification: The Unpalatable Truth – Glazov Gang”

  1. Dear Glazov Gang

    Huge THANKS for hosting the amazing Kirralie Smith!
    When it comes to halal, there is no better educator and resource person than her.

    I am using her video to launch conversations with the grocery stores in my city.

    Here is the Vimeo link:

  2. I found out Campbells products are halal compliant.

    I wrote them several times, and only got the mealy mouth platitudes.

    Maybe you could set up some kind of site people can list halal compliant products on, so we can check

    1. And it looks like some Heinz products are too.

      Should have known ol’ Lantern Jaw’s family would be involved.

      But I gave up their products a long time ago already.

      Because ol’l Lantern Jaw is involved.

    2. Even some Sanitarium Products here in Australia are Halal certified and the Sanitarium company is owned 199% by the Seventh Day Adventist Church.
      Go figure.
      Does the phrase “Roll over” suggest anything.
      I know Kirralie from meetings we both attend, she is a true Patriot!

    3. If Campbell have a halal certification then they have send indirectly money to fund terror.

      If Campbell have any product with only a trace of bacon in it, then the halal certification is according to islamic rules completely useless. Not any product can be used as food that is allowed for moslems.

      This leads to the following: Campbell are financing terror and even-though it is not compliant to the halal regulations. To go short, Campbell food is only to be used as grub for pigs.

  3. I have known Kirralie for several years and she is a dead set legend who works very hard to enlighten people. If we only had more like her. If you ever have the chance to hear her at meetings do it she is so inspiring.

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