ISIS’s Horrifying How-To Terror Manual – Glazov Gang

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Brad Johnson, a retired CIA Station Chief.

Brad sheds disturbing light on ISIS’s Horrifying How-To Terror Manual, where he reveals the plot of arson — and the other Jihadist delicacies that ISIS has in store for unbelievers.  

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And make sure to watch Brad issue A Warning About “United in Hate, where he unveils the dire threat of the Left’s ensuing romance with tyranny and terror:

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6 thoughts on “ISIS’s Horrifying How-To Terror Manual – Glazov Gang”

  1. The US military have similar handbooks of how to secretly invade sovereign countries and murder millions of civilians………WITH IMPUNITY as well

  2. Sure Tony, blame it all on America. Why don’t you get the hell out and live with these lovable murderers. Bet you have never even owned a passport.
    These bastards will always find a way to hate. If your not Muslim your are the enemy and must be killed.
    Wake up, its people like you that has allowed us to be infiltrated and taken over by these godless, murderous, subhuman scumbags.

    1. I am surprised that my comment is still on the board……Jamie usually removes them as soon as he Wakes up…… larry honey you are assuming that I am an American who has never ever had a passport….sorry to disappoint you…….NOT a Yank,but living in Europé……….and I do have a passport, had one since 1965, been all over the World…..and now I have perhaps the best passport there is…a Swedish one……….BASTARDS…..talking about yourself…Yankee turd, Yanks have murdered more people across the World that even Russia………….and you have started over 50 wars since 1945……….and you invaded Grenada……..a tiny tiny Island…….was she threatening the USA……….

      1. The sum total of human freedom and decency was increased when Reagan responded positively to a request by the Organization of East CaribbeanStates to restore democracy in Grenada and give the heave-ho to the Marxist thugs who had suspended their nation’s constitution several years prior to the invasion. You know the Marxists, tony- the most thoroughgoing enemies of the human spirit second only to the follows of a certain pedophile “prophet”.

        Your claims are so far off base as to not even merit discussion. You are unable to marshal even the barest elements of a coherent argument- sloganeering and mindless calumny are the pathetic best you can muster.

        What a pathetic little mind you are.

  3. Note to Tony: Words manifest thought. Yours are vulgar, small and belong in a cat box. What a shame since defeating terrorism demands wisdom, moral courage and sacrifice–together, they define honor. Those don’t exist in a sand box.

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