Glazov Moment: “Annihilate” Jews! A Cali Imam’s Call to Muslims

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In this new Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on “Annihilate” Jews! A Cali Imam’s Call to Muslims, and he asks: Where are the police and the media?

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And make sure to watch Anni Cyrus discuss Unveiling Linda Sarsour’s Jihad, where she exposes what Sarsour is really saying to America — and to her comrades:

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5 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: “Annihilate” Jews! A Cali Imam’s Call to Muslims”

  1. You are spot on Jamie, the left control our media and if a Christian pastor called for the killing of Muslims, this would be all over the media and the police would coming knocking on his door and charges would be laid.

    Thank you and Anni Cyrus for all your awesome videos and keep up your great work,

  2. Such ignorance and hate is being expressed by these so called religious teachers. I have heard that Saudi Arabia is financing imams in the US and elsewhere to teach Wahhabism. Have you any information about this? Your comments about the double standard used in judging Christians and Muslims is very true and very disturbing.

  3. The Qur’an, Sira (biography of Muhammad), and the Hadith (the deeds and saying of Muhammad) combined contain more anti-Semitism than Mein Kampf This Imam has apparently repented. For this to be sincere, he would have to reject the perfect word of Allah and the perfect model of conduct, Muhammad (

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