Glazov Moment: Welfare Queen Boasts About Raping Government

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In this new Glazov Moment, Jamie focuses on Welfare Queen Boasts About Raping Government, unveiling the monstrosities brought to you by Hillary, Bernie and the utopian dream.

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And make sure to watch John Guandolo discuss McMaster’s Firing of Higgins: Crippling America in the Face of Jihad, where he reveals how the National Security Adviser is purging the heroes who gauge the urgency of making a real threat assessment:

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5 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Welfare Queen Boasts About Raping Government”

  1. This “woman” represents the results of the Leftist parasite ideology. There are millions of them out there with varying expectations of entitlement. Her children have absolutely no chance unless there is some sort of miraculous intervention. Obama, Hillary and Bernie must be very proud to have enabled these dregs of society.

  2. Very amusing to see Jamie speechless!
    The video reminds me that the opposite spirit of
    gratitude is entitlement.

  3. Universal education and universal healthcare are justified within a capitalist economy where those are valued as national assets on par with infrastructure and government rather than private benefits. Welfare leaches are not welcome in such societies either.

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