Info Wars Features Glazov Gang Episode With John Guandolo

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The Glazov Gang is ecstatic to announce that Info Wars has featured our episode with Ex-FBI agent John Guandolo, where John warned that McMaster is in the “Enemy Camp”.

Make sure to watch the Info Wars’ episode below — and Alex Jones’ spotlight on John’s discussion on our show begins at the 11 minute mark:

And make sure to watch our full episode with John Guandolo, that Info Wars highlights, below:

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One thought on “Info Wars Features Glazov Gang Episode With John Guandolo”

  1. I regard it as a good thing- raising the general IQ of Infowars and its listeners- that Alex Jones included a snippet from Jamie’s interview with Guandolo.

    Nevertheless, I think Jamie should put a generous amount of daylight between himself and Alex Jones. I’m sorry, but John Brennan did not call for a coup if Mueller is fired. He hoped that officials would, like Eliot Richardson, refuse to carry out the order and suggested Congress should impeach Trump, but at the end of the day, absent impeachment and conviction, Trump would still be POTUS and would remain in power. Slightly different than a coup.

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