Hazem Farraj on ISIS, Islam and Islamic Reform — Glazov Gang

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This new special edition of the Glazov Gang features Hazem Farraj, an ex-Muslim and human-rights activist.

Hazem shares his journey out of Islam, unveils the roots of ISIS and reflects on the possibility of Islamic reform.

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One thought on “Hazem Farraj on ISIS, Islam and Islamic Reform — Glazov Gang”

  1. I am greatly impressed by people like Hazem: they seem almost stunningly original to me. I find myself asking what it is about people like Hazem and Anni Cyrus that impels them not to sell their souls to the faith of their ancestors, their families, their peer group.

    Despite feeling a need to cut back a bit on expenses, I felt I had to do something to advance his cause, so I contributed a small amount. But Hazem is far from reaching his goal, so I hope others will heed Jamie’s words.

    If Hazem appears again on the Glazov Gang, I’d like Jamie to ask him what he thinks the essential difference between himself and the vast majority of people whose background is similar to his might be. As a Christian, he might well answer something to the effect of the grace of God, but why is he receptive to that grace whereas others are not?

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