Glazov Gang: Why Won’t Hillary Just Go Away?

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This new special edition of The Glazov Gang features Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at

Daniel focused on Why Won’t Hillary Just Go Away?, reflecting  on When an exit sign is desperately begging for you. (This clip is taken from our upcoming blockbuster episode: The Deranged World of Hillary Clinton. Stay tuned!).

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And make sure to watch Daniel discuss Why Hillary Won’t Quit Huma, where he reflects on the disturbing questions about money, the Muslim Brotherhood, and much, much more:

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4 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Why Won’t Hillary Just Go Away?”

  1. Dear Daniel, I love the hat. It is very becoming and bespeaks of your fine Jewish education and fortitude. Oh, it’s a sun hat?! ok.

  2. Aagh!! I believe Huma and Anthony are (not were) a conduit for our State secrets being sold to our enemies. For the so-called FBI to “stop” at the emails is an obvious road block to me. These people are high rolling criminals and it seems to me they are playing us all for chumps. While we are side-tracked pizzagate (which is real and implicates Comey, Hill, all of them — sorry, and I am not a nut. However, this stuff is just so unbelievable unless one is familiar with the criminal mind and the reprobate mine. The train track Huma, Hillary or DWS and Aman’s money being still given??? is still where they are focusing us while, in my opinion, they are STILL ripping us off for our security material and laughing while they are doing it. Some of your questions, Jamie, might be answered by my seemingly crazy and far-fetched opinions here, i.e., How could a woman from this family become so close to a Jewish politician and then a Democratic operative like Hillary? it’s a big duh to me. We are so naive, so gullible. I JUST PRAY A LOT.

  3. A buddy of mine is a corporate pilot . He told me when Hillary was going to run for President.. If he didnt fear for his life if he told about her to the public. I asked him.” What?” He then told me how Huma and Hillary were all over each other during the flight. Yes, That’s right all over each other.

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