Glazov Gang: Anni Cyrus Unveils the Dire Danger of M103

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On this new special edition of The Glazov Gang, we are running a stirring speech that our very own Anni Cyrus recently delivered in Toronto, Canada.

Anni unveiled The Dire Danger of M103 and cast a terrifying light on how treacherous forces are willfully bringing Sharia and Jihad to your neighborhood.

Don’t miss it!

And make sure to watch Anni’s powerful speech at the United America First Rally in California on July 8, 2017, where she spoke of how she escaped Sharia and then issued A Bone-Chilling Warning to America:

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15 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Anni Cyrus Unveils the Dire Danger of M103”

  1. Annie Cyrus is a great asset to the western world. Although I academically knew this info, people like Annie, Donnie (sp?), AIi in holland and Gabriel who have lived it, they put the face and heart to the truth about life in Islamic world. I have tried talking to a couple of liberal friends about the truth about islam. Though they listened politely, I don’t really know if they bought it.

  2. Each time I listen to Anni, I think I cannot be more impressed with her, but, the next time I listen, I find that I am. The gutsy determination of thousands of young Anni Cyrus’s is extinguished by suppression or death, while the Linda Sarsours of this world prattle of their freedom to wear the hajib.

    The only thing I might cavil about in this address is her referencing Islam as a “religion”. It’s no religion in my book. My convenient- if arbitrary- rationale for that position is that no organization that calls for the death penalty for those leaving the faith can be called a religion. A deeper rationale might be that to qualify as a religion, a faith must, in its own way, seek the truth. Islam makes no such effort: by the intent of its canon it seeks to snuff out those who try to do so.

  3. That was a terrific speech: moving and powerful. I am not religious, but I contrast islam and Buddhism. The muslim invaders of India massacred Buddhists and devastated Buddhist shrines. They desecrated Hindu shrines, too, but much less comprehensively. In the land of its birth, Buddhism became extinct, thanks to islam.

    Why was that? Well, Buddha strove to become as close to perfection as humanly possible and to set out the path for everyone else. According to islam, Mohammed started out as perfect, didn’t need to struggle towards perfection, although what is “perfect” about a murderous, illiterate rapist, who preaches that lying is good, does tend to escape me. Nevertheless, muslims couldn’t cope with a rival “perfect man”, especially one who seemed to match the description quite a lot better than their boy.

    So they proved their champion was better, by killing lots of people. Plus ça change…

      1. Is it not said “Your enemy is my enemy”? Islam has been deceiving for more than 1400 years. Richard Wurbrand suggested that Karl Marx was a satanic priest in his book “Marx & Satan.” Who portrayed himself as Gabriel in a cave?
        It was Gabriel that spoke to the Mother of Jesus, Mary, while she was carrying Him. What he said to two different people are two different things and only one can be true.

  4. More shit stirring by that prick ANNI……..and you gullible vile haters just love her just like the owner of this forum…….there now Jamie…….remove my comment like you always do, a piece of shit like you are, cant stand any criticism

    1. Yo George!

      What a hateful, revolting person you are. You can’t intelligently criticize what Anni has to say, but can only defame her in mindlessly crude terms, the only ones someone of your ilk seems able to understand.

      In addition to being hopeless outclassed by Anni, you are a total jackass.

    2. Why are you so afraid of the truth? Why does it upset you so that you resort to slander and name calling? Are you a Muslim in protest of Anni’s own personal experiences? Are you challenging the validity of her story? Your comment is useless and “shit stirring” as you put it. If you want to make a point, use some intelligence so people may take you seriously.

    3. Dear Sir, insulting and disparaging people is the argument of the incompetent or the propagandist. We have no time for either. So, either you treat others with respect and dignity, or you will be prevented from spreading your venomous idiocies.
      Yours truly

  5. There is a difference between criticism and name calling George. Are you criticising Anni because she is telling the truth about what actually happened to her as a result of being a woman in an Islamic country? Does she not have that right? Do you hate women?

    1. He is primarily motivated by hatred of women and is also a racist. He longs for Sharia and Jihad. He is yet to make one intelligent argument.

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