Barzilai Moment: Dropping Testosterone and Rising Islam in the West

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Roy Barzilai, author of The Testosterone Hypothesis.

Roy discusses Dropping Testosterone and Rising Islam in the West, unveiling why our civilization is being crippled in the face of Sharia and Jihad.

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6 thoughts on “Barzilai Moment: Dropping Testosterone and Rising Islam in the West”

  1. It’s an estrogen crisis…not testosterone! Wimin R running around trying to do everything & be everything, but what nature is constantly hounding them to be…pregnant…They R making themselves & everyone around them miserable like a drug addict who can’t get a fix…How do I know this? I currently live in a 3rd world country, Peru, where women R having babies in unbelievable numbers….@ any possible opportunity!…& hardly any concern w/how to care for them…Go figure!

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