Hamas (CAIR) Gets Schooled by John Guandolo — Glazov Gang

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This new special edition of The Glazov Gang features John Guandolo, a former FBI agent, combat veteran Marine, and now the president of Understanding the Threat.

The video presents: Hamas (CAIR) Gets Schooled by John Guandolo, showing how Brotherhood stooges got called out by an American hero.

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And make sure to watch John focus on #FireMcMaster and Civilization Jihad by “OUR” Hands, where he reveals how our own officials are imposing Sharia on us:

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2 thoughts on “Hamas (CAIR) Gets Schooled by John Guandolo — Glazov Gang”

  1. ????????????????????There’s no way McMaster doesn’t know he’s committing treason! He is only eliminating pro American pro Constitution people!
    Any police who do not defend THE LEGAL PEOPLE are traitors SEDITIONIST anti American anti constitution! No one can hide behind “orders to step down” you are responsible for what happens????????????????????

  2. I believe that the entire govt is not responsive to us because they are operating under the protection of the USA, Inc which “legally” but fraudulently owns everything and everybody.

    This isn’t something new, it began in 1871, continued with the establishment of the Fed Reserve, and culminated with FDR and the “Bankruptcy of 1933”.

    It’s like the Matrix without the science fiction.

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