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Ex-Muslim Issues Dire Warning to America — Glazov Gang

Anni Cyrus shines a disturbing light on the taboo truth about Islam.
Ex-Muslim Issues Dire Warning to America — Glazov Gang

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On this new special edition of The Glazov Gang, we are running a stirring speech that our very own Anni Cyrus recently delivered in Neosho, Missouri.

Anni issued A Dire Warning to America, shining a disturbing light on the taboo truth about Islam.

Don’t miss it!

And make sure to watch Anni’s powerful speech at the United America First Rally in California on July 8, 2017, where she spoke of how she escaped Sharia and then issued A Bone-Chilling Warning to America:

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14 Responses

    1. There you are, I was wondering where you went. Well let me explain it to you. A person is born into an Islamic environment and has the label “Muslim” forced on them. Then as they grow, some of them decide to leave and some of them risk their lives doing so. There are apostasy laws in Islam, based on the Koran and Hadith. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, nor care.

      1. That was quick Jamie……I can say the same about a person is born a christian, and from day one get God, Jesus and christianity beaten into them………..and these small kids they believe it……well in the USA they MUST believe it or God will strike them down, and everything that is not American is nasty and very dangerous……….and America must at alltimes se e toit that all the other countries across the world do as they are told, andnow the USA has its military stationed in 182 countries across the world, just to see that they do as they are told, or else………….I know all about the Islam faith etc etc etc…….andit is strict, just like Americans version of christianity is also extremely strict………so dont try to lecture me, get your own house in order first……

        1. You seem to have a hard time with logic. You begin by expressing ignorance about apostasy laws. Then when I explain to you what they are…..you move on to making moral equivalency between Islam and Christianity instead of first thanking me that I am educating you. Now that you know, thanks to me, that Islam forbids Muslims from leaving the religion….no, the same cannot be said about Christianity. We are not talking about America right now and there are many different faiths, even atheism, in America, and Christians can freely leave their religion without fearing death. There is nothing like Suras 2:217 and 4:89 in the New Testament…and that is why Muslim apostates are killed throughout the world and why ex-Muslims like Rifqa Bary must live fearing for their lives. You really need to educate yourself before continuously embarrassing yourself here.

          1. You, you little piece of nowt, educate me……..I am nowhere near as gullible as you standard load or readers are…………all one has to do in the USA is mention that you dislike Muslims and they flock to you like flies to a heap of shit

        2. I’m Catholic and my religion/parish/priests have never shoved God nor Jesus’s beliefs down my throat! Nor has the Catholic Church punished me for not attending church and not practicing my religion. You clearly are ignorant of Christianity and one has to “laugh” at your ridiculous comment ” in the USA they MUST believe it or God will strike them down”—really? Where do you get this nonsense from?! I had to laugh at that asinine comment of yours.
          I am NOT a devote Catholic and I disapprove of Pope Francis who has the nerve to criticize other Christians when he ” is the one that should get his house(Vatican) in order’ before criticizing all other Christians…..but I do take the time to pray every night (I pray because I want to, NOT because I feel obligated) . Unlike you, I do not hate America and America is not without fault (our govt) but at least we are nothing like No. Korea where someone like you would NOT be able to criticize the country nor any government officials.
          Just a few more things, may I suggest that you try using spell check and learn the proper way of proofreading your sentences (you have run-on sentences) so that you don’t come off as looking “stupid” and poorly educated; and you need to do a better job of ‘researching Islam’ before posting your comments. Read the Koran (Qu’ran)
          Does Islam allow freedom of religion or does it threaten the death penalty for apostasy? Those who turn their back on Islam are to be executed. This is confirmed by the words and deeds of Muhammad. The only freedom of belief in Islam is the freedom to become Muslim.
          Quran (4:89) – “They wish that you should reject faith as they reject faith, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of God; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper.” Other verses that seem to support the many Hadith that establish the death sentence for apostates are Quran verses 2:217, 9:73-74, 88:21, 5:54, 9:66.

        3. George Robinson, Christianity and Islam are worlds apart, primarily one is for life, one is for death. One civilization is for peace and love and Jesus. The other civilization is for Allah, Muhammed, Sunna, Hadith, death, death for non-belivers. One is for Democracy of a Republic, the other is Totalitarian for control.

          I’m for Jesus, love, peace, prosperity, a Democracy within a Republic, a Constitution is our guide and rule of law. If you want to justify Islam, go to Iran, somewhere in the Middle East where Islam rules the day. Get the hell out of America!

        4. Reborn a Christian. All are sinners at birth. God the Son Creator Lord Jesus ( John 1, Colossians 1,23, Hebrews 1, 2, 3.) To live sinless, be the perfect sacrificial Passover Lamb, taking all of our individuals sins on Him. Died for his mankind creation, buried and Rose from the dead. After His paid in full, finished work. The greatest gift and giver, to ask, will receive total forgiveness. Invite in you, to be your Lord, and Savior. Cleanses, deliver and set you free. Fill you, peace, love, joy, life and more. Lord Jesus fulfilled over 350 detailed prophecies, like Isaiah 53, 750 B.C. Psalm 22-1,000 B.C. Just 8 are beyond mathematically possible. 48 like 1 in every atom of the universe, He spoke into being. The word universe means ‘He spoke it into being.” The doomed devil, satan’s minions are deceiving you, just like we were, before calling on Lord and only Savior, way, Jesus. He gives you His gift of righteousness, for all of your sins. And so, so much more! He loves you, wants all to come to Him, but will not violate the free will, that He gave. The greatest decision, now and forever! Healed me of the impossible, delivered me from alcoholism, filled me with peace, that l looked in all the wrong things for. Beyond what could begin to imagine, existed. With love, joy, power, made alive, no fear of death, sealed me now and forever, opened my eyes to truth and much more. Heals others through me in His Almighty Name. Relationship, not religion and traditions of men. Same prayer, I asked my Lord Jesus, to baptize me with, and fill me up with Holy Spirit. I had to bend my then, broken back and neck to not jump through the ceiling, like liquid love, joy, power, life flooded every part of me. Bedridden for life, said the Drs. Not! He’s the great physician who before healed me of the worst cancer and still alive, months before. Then, I called a prayer line and had peace, knew I was healed. Isaiah 53:4,5. I could write a book on how the world would say that I had a dream life, before. But only Lord Jesus, can and wants to fill that inner void. All of the miracles after. For and through Christ in me, for countless to me, others. In His mighty Name cancer, paralysis, tumors, clots, diabetes, hurricanes, devils must bow. Call on the Lord, the greatest decision that anyone could ever make. God bless you! 3 in One God, through the Son. The Godhead. Not the false gods of false religions. Which are destroying demons.The enemy deceives, lies in heads, steals, kills and destroys. I was translated from the ability of darkness, into the marvelous light and Kingdom of God’s dear Son. I have the Authority of the Name of Jesus over. They tremble at. Every believer, receiver. 1 of so many gifts and benefits, in this life. Eternity sealed the moment you receive Lord Jesus in, as yours. And has you know. We all live forever. Heaven of hell fire torment. Jesus came to save the lost. All without Him. Why he has me typing this. Christians all know, the before receiving Christ in them, and great after!

      2. Jamie, if you have not seen the new documentary on Muhammad and Islamic beliefs, I hope you will take the time to view it. It has been endorsed by Bill Warner, Daniel Pipes, ACT for America chapters, TROP, and Facing Islam. It takes a non-confrontational approach and is intended as an outreach tool. “Through the Lens of Muhammad’s Life: How the Example and Teachings of Muhammad Shape Islam Today” https://youtu.be/YtKJpahyC10

  1. I love you Anni! Please step back from the microphone 6-12 inches to prevent distorting your voice and slurring your words. All of America needs to hear you!!! Most intelligent woman! Beautiful woman of courage, strength, resolve, commitment, I hope honesty.

  2. Anni spoke very well with great authority as she gave us a real feeling for the realities of her unfortunate youth. That she knows the book and lived the life, enables her words of warning to carry great power to awaken those fortunate enough to hear them. Thank you, Anni, for presenting the truth so persuasively – succinctly, logically, irrefutably. You know it’s true, just let it flow out of you. You and your truth cannot be stopped.

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"United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror."


"United in Hate: The Left's Romance With Tyranny and Terror."