Guandolo Moment: Facts That Point to Jihad in Vegas

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This new special edition of The Glazov Gang features John Guandolo, a former FBI agent, combat veteran Marine, and now the president of Understanding the Threat.

John focused on Facts That Point to Jihad in Vegas, unveiling why ISIS’ claim of responsibility is deadly serious.

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And make sure to watch John focus on #FireMcMaster and Civilization Jihad by “OUR” Hands, where he reveals how our own officials are imposing Sharia on us:

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9 thoughts on “Guandolo Moment: Facts That Point to Jihad in Vegas”

      1. I know how you feel, but they aren’t necessarily blind, just corrupted by politics after 8 miserable and debilitating years of obama and comey. They have orders to lie to us.

  1. As far as testamonial videos….many are on the internet.
    Imams from this Mosque or that Mosques speak to the camera and blatanly state that Jews and Christians…infidels and Kifer need to be killed.
    Allah is the only true God and all must follow Islam so a world caliphate can be established.
    Us Lin’s have not been shy to voice their agendas.

  2. I guess anything is possible. This seems the most likely explanation since there are no other facts out there that anyone is willing to share. I agree that the best and most honest person coming forward so far was the police chief of the Las Vegas Police Department. He seemed like he truly wanted to give us the facts available to him at the time. Still not sure about the Jesus Campos disappearing act and then his willingness to appear on Ellen. Why Ellen of all people? I just hope the truth will come out in the near future, especially for all the victims family’s and friends. They deserve to know the truth, whatever that may be…

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