Kirralie’s Moment: Promoting Sharia With Your Grocery Purchases

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On this new special edition of The Glazov Gang, we feature the Kirralie Smith Moment with Kirralie Smith, president of

Kirralie discusses Promoting Sharia With Your Grocery Purchases, unveiling how Islamic Supremacism is being funded with your  shopping.

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And make sure to watch Kirralie discuss Halal Certification: The Unpalatable Truth, where she reveals a world of fraud, bribery, intimidation and corruption:

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16 thoughts on “Kirralie’s Moment: Promoting Sharia With Your Grocery Purchases”

  1. Is there evidence that newspapers are refusing to publish letters to the editor that are critical of Halal or other Sharia practices? My local newspaper has not yet published my letter that criticizes Sharia and now I am wondering whether this is just another example of a mainstream media shutdown of discussions on these Islamic practices that affect the lives of those who don’t worship at the feet of Mohammed.

        1. Sometimes I just say what I feel, that God or Jesus do not exist and never ever have……….so some forums ban me for ever

  2. It’s the same here in Portland, ME with the Portland Press Herald, Bangor Daily News and the Forecaster. I’ve submitted numerous comments on puff pieces written about Muslim refugees as well as letters-to-the-editor. I’ve never been belligerent or nasty and always provided my sources. Open and honest debate is never allowed by the “tolerant” Leftists who run these publications.

  3. Wait! My fodd is blessed by an Iman? That is so creepy. I’d say keep your tambourines and ritual away from my food.

  4. we all should avoid buying halal labeled/approved food and write or let these company’s know not to get involved with this stamp that only will fund and promote Muslims and their cause.
    There are enough other company’s that manufacture the same product that we can purchase and in doing so not to line the pockets of these Imams and their cronies.

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