Barzilai Moment: Battle for the Soul of Western Civilization

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Roy Barzilai, author of The Testosterone Hypothesis.

Roy focuses on Battle for the Soul of Western Civilization, reflecting on the current war between light and darkness.

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And make sure to watch Roy discuss Dropping Testosterone and Rising Islam in the West, where he unveils why our civilization is being crippled in the face of Sharia and Jihad:

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One thought on “Barzilai Moment: Battle for the Soul of Western Civilization”

  1. Jamie, hope you are ok. Did you think about making fulls transcriptions of the vidéos ? I think it will be a good idea to have for each vidéo, each interview the complet text. I know that it would still take a lot of work, but like that you can put all this in books with DVD.s. Make a nice collection of luxury book.

    Best to you Jamie, keep it on.


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