Allah’s Child Brides

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On this new special edition of The Glazov Gang, we are running a stirring speech that our very own Anni Cyrus recently delivered in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the “International Terrorism” seminar.

Anni focused on Allah’s Child Brides, sharing her own harrowing personal experience as a child bride who escaped and survived — after living under the harsh and sadistic rule of Islamic Iran.

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And make sure to watch Anni issue A Dire Warning to America, where she shines a disturbing light on the taboo truth about Islam:

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20 thoughts on “Allah’s Child Brides”

  1. More vile and hate towards Muslims across the world………look at the huge problems in the USA with rape, and very young teenage moms and their kids

    1. So we call out both problems, the truth is not hatred and if its vile, it needs to be out in the open and yes across the world George. Islam can be dangerous, some Muslims may be very nice people, but there is terror lurking in their belief system.
      End of.

      1. True, some Muslims………….and the number is very very minute may be dangerous, but over a 10 year period in the USA, these So called Terrorists killed but a handful of Americans, whereas Americans are killing Americans at a rate ofover 90 a day

        1. How do you know the number is “very very minute”…….many secular and former Muslims would disagree with you. It’s annoying to hear people say “it’s not all Muslims” or “the number is small”……what do you base that on? I have heard secular Muslims estimate conservatively that the number is in the hundreds of millions.

          1. OK come with your numbers and whens and whys Muslims killed……””huge numbers””of Americans in the past 10 years

    2. Anni is discussing Sharia Law and how she suffered under it, and how others suffer under it. It is not a hatred of any group of people, but a warning about an ideology. She is also expressing love for Muslims, since the victims in this case are Muslim girls. Also, rape in the USA is illegal and people who are charged and convicted go to jail. In Islam, it is sanctioned and legitimate (Sura 4:3, 33:50, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30, etc.).

      1. “”Also, rape in the USA is illegal and people who are charged and convicted go to jail””……of course it is, but of the 100s of thousands of rapes in the USA, how many do actually end up in jail…….not many………American men can and do rape American women with impunity…………and ifyou are an American in the military, “”it is expected”” that you do you dutyand rape as many women and children before they kill them……….reference to the rape and killings in Nam………and nobody cares

    3. I’m always flabbergasted by people like you saying, “more hatred towards Muslims blah blah”, and the “your a Racist” Tag..
      Believe me, Muslims around the world Hate Non Muslims more, because of the Evil Qur’an & the Peadophilic, Murdering, Rapist Monster called Mohammed, Both call us non Muslims Kuffar & believe that we are worse than animals in every way, I don’t know where you come from but with your views I can pretty much h guess that you’ve not lived in an area where Muslims are particularly prevalent…
      I HAVE!
      I lived in Newham east London for most of my life, it was a lovely place when I was young, there were very few Rapes or PEADOPHILES about as they would not have survived, now it’s full of Muslims & Rape, sexual assaults, child grooming are Rife and YES, IT IS BEING COMMITTED BY MUSLIMS!
      Mohammed married Aisha at 6 years old & Raped her at 9 while she was playing with her doll!!
      It is written in the Hadiths & as we know, what Mohammed did, Muslims do as they look at Mo as the greatest man hat ever lived & HE DID NO WRONG!
      You WILL change your opinions maybe when you do actually live amounts them because if you do have children you’d better watch them like a Hawk!
      Europe HAS been ruined and before it goes too far we must rid ourselves of this menace!
      I know that not ALL Muslims are Bad but All ISLAM IS!!!
      People with Your opinions WILL change them eventually, or maybe when they do Go, you can go with them & live under Sharia Law!!
      Just remember to pay the Mohammed Tax as a non Muslim or You & Your family WILL be Killed!

      1. What a load of hogwash………..admit…………you are a MUSLIM HATER…..period…… are pig swill

    4. George-

      What exactly is vile or shows “hate” in Anni’s comments? Kindly be specific in your response, because I saw nothing but a fine mind and a noble spirit speaking truth based on experience. This is a woman, for all she has sustained, who claims that the number one duty of all humans is to care [for] and love other humans”. Where’s the hate. George.

      I see Anni Cyrus as one of outstanding people of her generation, one who has endured great obstacles, due to Islam, and has somehow prevailed over them. I marvel at her achievement. Sadly, and painfully, she has spoken movingly of others of her generation who were unable to prevail.

      She speaks truth with specificity. You have a very different mien. You don’t come to terms with her- you simply mindlessly- a mendaciously, I would say- assail her. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      You, sir, are an vile, insipid, pathetic excuse for a man.

  2. Thank you Annie! No one can say it better than one who has lived it.
    One thing that I may be confused by, one of many I’m sure, is this honor thing and honor killings. I know we have had such killings here in the US. As a Christian, I believe that ALL honor belongs to God Almighty of Trinity fame. Muslim men seem to steal honor from their pretend god allah, since when they do honor killings, they seem to want to restore honor to themselves, not to allah. Also, satan had enmity with Eve in the garden of Eden, and ever since all groups that value women less than men are satanic. Praise the true God of the Bible that he gives equal rights for salvation to both women and men.

    1. Honour killings are not to appease their God or Mohammed, it’s supposedly to give honour back to the family..
      If a girl runs off with a boy & she’s been “Sold” to the local 76 year old butcher down the road it dishonours the family of the girl so if the family kill their daughter & the boy it restores the families honour… APPARENTLY!!
      I hope that this clears it up?
      Best wishes

      1. george, i gather from your comments that U care – a *LOT* – about what happens to your fellow man. good! please *don’t* stop caring.

        i, too, care about my fellow man, as do most of the people here who are posting about islam. it is not muslims as such that are evil; every human being has the potential to do both good and evil. the complaint is that *islam*, the religion itself, is evil. as mr. glazov pointed out, rape of kufr (infidels, or non-believers) is legitimate in islam. mohammed, who is known as the Perfect Man (al-insan al-kamil) and Model of Conduct (uswa hasana) in islam, is the one person whom every muslim is supposed to emulate. muhammed “married” his favorite “wife” when she was 6 and consummated the “marriage” when she was 9; this is reported by the islamic scriptures, not non-muslims (in fact, nothing is known about muhammed and the first muslims that did not come from islamic scriptures). thus, child marriage is not only OK in islam, it is expected of pious muslims, and many in the ulema (the muslim clergy) have urged muslims to make sure their daughters are married before they “bleed.” muhammed also dealt in slaves, put hits on his opponents, and called attacks on unarmed farmer military victories.

        as for your comparison of christianity to islam, i would ask U to point out where Jesus said to kill unbelievers, or that it is good to deal in slaves, or that it is a good thing to murder captives, then rape their wives and daughters; these are all things done by muhammed, and thus expected of them.

        however, i always encourage critical thinking. U don’t know me from adam, and have no reason to trust my word. it would be in your best interests, whether or not i and others here are wrong or correct, for U to go look up islamic scripture for yourself. english translations of the quran, several of the sahih (most reliable) hadith collections, and muhammed’s biography, all confirmed by al alzhar university in cairo (the premier institution of islamic studies for over 750 years) as reliable for instruction, are readily available. thus, *please* don’t take my word for it; go find out for yourself what islam teaches, if only because it would be so satisfying to slap down uninformed opponents like me.

      2. What a load of rubbish. You may recall Lt. William Calley was court marshaled and convicted for his horrendous decisions made in wartime conditions.

        And you want to compare that with the joyous mass murder perpetrated in the name of Islam and following the sterling example of their pedophile prophet.

        You are a sonofabith.

  3. How can anyone hear Anni’s presentation and not be moved? We men cannot contemplate what it must be like to have your body violated like hers was. The Muslim faith is not a religion, it is an ideology that threatens to bring chaos to our society in the US. God bless you Anni for your strength and your love of this country. I just wrote a letter to my local newspaper condemning Sharia. I am waiting to see what responses I get from readers.

    1. no doubt U will be called an islamophobe – *if* your letter is even published. the thought leaders of the left have given name-calling, the favorite tactic of 5-year-olds in debates, an unjustified weight, and even smart people on the left seem to accept that behavior. it is truly discouraging to attempt discussion with those who have decided to pitch a fit rather than discuss evidence, but we must attempt it anyway, because the failure to wake up the public will result in the destruction of civilization by the depraved pirate cult of islam. thank U for writing that letter.

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