Greenfield Moment: Lefties Love the Military to Death

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This new special Daniel Greenfield Moment features Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at

Daniel focuses on Lefties Love the Military to Death, unveiling how the media only supports the military to undermine it.

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And make sure to watch Daniel discuss Susan Rice’s Muslim Brotherhood Watergate, where he exposes the frightening truth behind why Obama really spied on Trump:

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One thought on “Greenfield Moment: Lefties Love the Military to Death”

  1. To the Democovets, the US Military, with its relatively large budget, “gives away” “their money” to the wrong people (you know, the Duty – Honor – Country and “We will not lie, cheat, or steal nor tolerate those among us who do” folks).

    No wonder SOME want Officers to be shot.

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