Greenfield Moment: Halloween Jihad and the Left’s Blood-Soaked Hands

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This new special Daniel Greenfield Moment features Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at

Daniel focuses on Halloween Jihad and the Left’s Blood-Soaked Hands, unveiling how progressives enabled the Manhattan massacre.   

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And make sure to watch Daniel discuss Susan Rice’s Muslim Brotherhood Watergate, where he exposes the frightening truth behind why Obama really spied on Trump:

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8 thoughts on “Greenfield Moment: Halloween Jihad and the Left’s Blood-Soaked Hands”

  1. I have said it before, and I will say it again, men who grow beards appantly want to look like men from the MENA countries, just so that they can blend in with them, and use them as scapegoats when THEY, the Americans who wear beards, go around murdering innocent civilians……….

      1. Dunno why you say that, Bonnie. I’m not even sure what his point was- sounded to me like the same old drivel from George about how it’s America’s fault.

        1. Especially for you, a copy and paste of my new comment

          “”Jamie, you sure know how to preach vile and hate………this guy……one guy…….and all “”muslims”” are the same……… you ever give a moments thought about all the millions of muslims that have been murdered by American military forces over the past 27 years, in Iraq..twice…..Afghanistan…….Syria……….several countries round or near the Red Sea…………….at least a dozen countries in northern Africa, where both traditional USmilitary reign and the CIA that run most of thoe countries for the USAs government, paying billions of dollars to CIA selected murderous dictators to do the dirty work for the USA……….you PREACH vile and hate towards Muslims, so I preach vile and hate towards you and the USA””

          1. just curious, did you not watch the video, in which i say that it is not “all muslims” and that there are many good peaceful muslims? for the millionth time, the issue is Islam.

  2. Perhaps its not the American military that are slaughtering millions of civilians in the MENA countries…..its christian soldiers dressed up like Yanks

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