Glazov Gang: Halloween Horror – What “Allahu Akbar” Really Means

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This new Glazov Gang episode was joined by Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Fellow at the Freedom Center and editor of The Point at

Daniel discusses Halloween Horror – What “Allahu Akbar” Really Means, revealing what the establishment media doesn’t want you to know.

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And make sure to watch Jamie focus on The Left’s Manhattan Massacre, where he unveils how the utopian dream fuels Islam’s killing machine:

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6 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Halloween Horror – What “Allahu Akbar” Really Means”

  1. Blessings on Jamie G and my gratitude for being able to hear Mr. Greenfield’s intelligent synopsis on the numerous topics he has spoken about-clearly a smart individual. My only negative comment is that he speaks so fast and sounding somewhat without emotion, it appears to me he is reading a pre-arranged message. If I couldn’t see him, his image might be of someone profusely sweating mountains of information and experience without the necessary tome to express it all. DG: slow down and breathe man. Your passion is evident and we need you around for a long time. I would love and pay to see Jamie’s idea assembling you with Robert, Bosch, Pamela, Bridgitte, Raheel, Nonie, Shireen and others in one place. Lets use the damage done and lessons learned to plan how we want to shape our society and put the Left on notice. Blessings to you Jaime G and the gang.

  2. All muslims are not terrorists, rapists and murders but all that follow Qur’an don’t seem to have any issues with the violence and evil of the radicals. They do not belong here. They hate us. The stupid US gov’t has woven their fake org into every aspect of American life, and given these evil liars carte blanche opportunuity to harm our citizens. It is not a lie for them to lie to those they consider non-believers. But stupid elected people in this country, still don’t get it. Their laws are the antithesis of our constitution, and their women and girls are basically slaves. We don’t cut off body parts here in America. They cut off girls clitorises. Why would any race/ideology do that. That is cruel and evil. These people must leave our country and the only way we can get them out is stop giving them money, jobs, help, legal assistance, food stamps! Look what has happened in Europe. They have destroyed so many great cities there because of the ignorant so called leaders allowing them in their countries causing terror, fear, crime, and these foolish leaders don’t punish them but give them gifts! These leaders should all be put in prison for treason against their own citizens. Same with the despicable de blasio a muslim sympathizer. He has stopped the police from being able to do their jobs, so terrorism in NY has close to a free reign. This must stop and it can only be stopped with our great leader Donald Trump. But every elected scumbag in this country every judge, mayor, gov, cab member, senator, congressmen, with few exceptions are either against him, or too damn weak to do what is right. Islam wants to take over the world, kill us all or make us slaves, when are you idiots going to wake up? The gop party is still cowtowing to the disgusting dem party. President Trump is trying faithfully to stop their evil murderers from coming here. He has no help. And every other idiotic faction in this once great country is trying to stop him. Wake the hell up! He will succeed! God has chosen and annointed him for a time like this to save America! But it is sure damn hard to watch all the anti-Anericans in this country try to stop him. They won’t win. Take it to the bank!!!!

    1. Are you sure??????…….”” We don’t cut off body parts here in America. They cut off girls clitorises.”” American men, almost 70% have their foreskins removed shortly after birth or later in life

      1. Yes, George, for once you have a valid point, although to compare male circumcision with a clitorectomy is a dubious comparison. But your point, valid as it is, amounts to nitpicking.

  3. All muslims are not terrorists, rapists and murders but all that follow Qur’an don’t seem to have any issues with the violence and evil of the radicals.

    Cece, there are some things in your comment with which I do not agree, but your lead sentence is spot on, and I think that is a point that needs to be more widely noted. Many Moslems who would not participate in violence against the kuffar (at least not yet) nonetheless “understand” Moslems who do and are sympathetic to their goals.

    True, there also are Moslems who regard the violent expressions of their faith as wrong and will act to thwart those expressions. I would claim those Moslems are not “good” Moslems in that they fail to live up to the command of their prophet and the expectations of their faith. They are people they counter-jihad movement should be trying to appeal to.

    Finally, I note that Daniel’s point that”Allah is greater [than your god]” rather convincingly makes the point that Moslems do not think of themselves as praying to the God of Christianity and Judaism. That is not a connection I had ever made, but it seems to me to be quite valid. I am a little surprised I have not, to the best of my recollection, previously encountered that insight (and a little irritated I didn’t make that connection myself).
    So much for the balderdash that “it’s the same god.”

  4. Allahu Akbar is an Arabic phrase which translates directly as “Allah is Greater” but is often mistranslated in the media as “God is great”
    Muslims and Arabic speaking Orthodox Christians recite it as an expression of their faith
    The phrase serves as a reminder that no matter the situation or emotion, God is always greater
    It is one of the most commonly used phrases in Islam and has a multitude of meanings
    Uttered during ritualistic prayer where Muslims face the Kaaba in Mecca
    Recited in the call to prayer heard from the minarets of mosques
    It is considered a form of applause and can be spoken in union as a way of showing approval
    Said in times of distress, to express joy, following births or deaths and during Islamic festivals
    When 18-year-old Reshma Begum was pulled alive from rubble, after the Savar building collapse in Bangladesh, rescuers cried “Allahu Akbar” to commemorate the miracle
    Prominent on the flag of Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan
    This peaceful phrase has been warped by Islamic extremists
    Terrorists have shouted it before committing mass murder – linking it to fear and destruction
    Suspected 9/11 hijack ringleader Mohamed Atta wrote in a document found in his luggage: “Shout, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ because this strikes fear in the hearts of the non-believers.”
    Witnesses of the Paris attacks reported hearing several attackers shouting the term
    Allegedly first used as a battle cry during the Battle of Badr by the Prophet Muhammad
    Used during the Iranian revolution in 1979 by protesters
    It was shouted during the Arab Spring by demonstrators
    Was the name of a marching song for the Egyptian Army during the Suez Canal War in 1956
    From 1977 to 2011 it was the national anthem of the Libyan Arab Republic, chosen by Muammar Gaddafi

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