Muslims’ Verbal Abuse of a Sharia Survivor

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Recently, The Glazov Gang ran a stirring speech by our very own Anni Cyrus — that she recently delivered in Chicago at the Illinois Family Institute’s “The Danger of Islam” seminar. Anni revealed The Solution to Stop Islam and unveiled a powerful and humanistic plan.

The video has gone viral and has received a massive response, which  includes much praise.  The video has also, unsurprisingly, triggered a lot of seething rage and anger from a certain segment of Islam’s followers. But, once again, it appears that to expect a rational and intellectual discourse from them is too much to ask for.

We encourage our viewers to click on the YouTube video of Anni’s speech below, and to go to its comment section underneath. Take the time to conduct a careful study of the comments directed at Anni from Islam’s followers. Focus on the manner of argumentation that they employ to counter Anni’s main thesis — which is based on her own life experience and her careful and meticulous study of Islamic texts.

We had to delete many comments for obvious reasons, but the ones remaining give a good indication of the main style of debate by the “critics”.

And we can’t help from asking: what do this manner and level of argumentation by Anni’s Muslim haters reveal about Islam?

And make sure to watch Anni focus on Allah’s Child Brides, where she shares her own harrowing personal experience as a child bride who escaped and survived — after living under the harsh and sadistic rule of Islamic Iran:

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5 thoughts on “Muslims’ Verbal Abuse of a Sharia Survivor”

  1. This is the second time I have viewed this excellent presentation by Anni. While I am always impressed with her, I do think she and I disagree on one point. Anni notes the importance of education, and I wholeheartedly agree. But she also says war is not required, and, unfortunately, I cannot agree with her on that point.

    I would say we are at war now, and have been for some time. Most distressingly, I believe war against her native country is required to today to defeat jihad, and in that war, many will die. But a world chock full of weapons of mass destruction to allow governments like that of the Islamic Republic of Iran to exist. It is better that we have that war now, rather than later.

    I fervently hope Anni is right.

    1. This is illiteracy at its highest. Unfortunately you came from a country that does not practice Islam and neither are they Muslims . Before you stand up to address any crowd about Islam , you should be well versed about the Qur’an and it’s teaching. Am sorry to say you no nothing about the Qur’an. However, am happy to hear from you advising the American people to read the Qur’an. This will definately be a break through to illiteracy coz after they read they will definately become Muslims if at all they have alittle bit of common sense. I pray that one day you come to your senses and understand what the Qur’an says about women . Am a man but when i read the Qur’an i wish i was born a woman . The Qur’an teaches us to respect our women alot coz they carry the wombs that bore us. Lastly , i urge you to respect Allah the Almighty coz no matter what you say or think , just remember He is the One who created you and all humans that will ever live on this planet.

      1. First up ahmed you are probably a sunni muslim and you are either practising good taquiyya OR you have not read the quran! Whichever it is you’re talking b.s

  2. Ms Anni Cyrus , your solution to stop Islam is not going to stop it . Many muslims read it , understand it and even if they don’t read it and if it is brought to their notice by others also , they do not take it seriously because they will be deep in faith . They have utmost belief that quran is divine and without any mistake and their prophet can do no wrong . For every verse of quran , for every act of their prophet they have explanations and justification. There must be some other way out but not the one which you mentioned.

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