BREAKING: Linda Sarsour Blocks Jamie Glazov on Twitter!

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The Glazov Gang is ecstatic to proudly announce that Linda Sarsour has blocked Jamie Glazov on Twitter. The evidence of this breaking news and landmark watershed moment is revealed in the photo below:

The drama all started when Jamie did the video: Linda Sarsour – You Need to Apologize for Halloween Massacre, in which he asked: What if a person prevented the NYPD from doing its job — and it led to the murder of innocents?

Then, when Linda didn’t show signs of any interest in apologizing, Jamie got a bit restless and promoted a clip from his video: How Linda Sarsour Magically Changed From White to Black! 

The clip deals with the amazing and fascinating story of how Linda went from being “white” without a hijab to being a “person of color” with a hijab — all ending with the on-the-edge-of-your-seat-thriller finale of her announcement that: “I’m Palestinian, if I want to say ‘I’m Black,’ – I’m Black!” To watch Jamie’s clip on this riveting tale, CLICK HERE.

To see Jamie’s video where he asks Linda to apologize for the Halloween massacre, see below. The story is developing…. stay tuned…..

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13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Linda Sarsour Blocks Jamie Glazov on Twitter!”

  1. Hoping Sarsour has read all of our “Islamophobic” but truthful comments on your video Jamie! hahahahhaah! This woman needs to be recognised by our Government as a Terrorist.

    1. Touche, Linda! I smelled a phony from the first time I saw and subsequently learned about her! But I hope you saw that funny video that made the rounds on YouTube a few months ago where two American-Arab guys are sitting in a car and shooting the video comment that put this beeyatch WAY down! They informed the world that “Sarsour” means “cockroach” in Arabic!! LOL!! I think they must be FORMER Muslims because they spoke with too much humor and commonsense for strictly observant muzzies!

  2. Sansour is a racist and her antisemitism is as bad and dangerous as Hitler´s .
    She should be sent back to a muslim country or better charged and as terrorist should be executed

      1. Boom! Hahahaha! She commits moruna every time she opens her mouth. Deceite in the way of Allah by suspending Sharia- because women in an Islamic country would NEVER be allowed to speak publically like she does.

  3. How widespread is the knowledge of Linda Sarsour’s complicity in the Halloween Massacre? That is an important question. The people who regularly tune into the Glazov Gang know about it but what about the majority of Americans who don’t! The mainstream media reports none of this; she is still represented as their darling.

  4. Well done Jamie! I am not important enough to be blocked..!
    But i have been blocked by others when telling them the facts.
    Keep up the great work Jamie and gang!

    “If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” HR Mencken.

  5. Wow, what a collection of braindead Yankee jerks who just can stand criticism……yet its OK for the USA to do just as she likes anywhere in the world with impunity, you have troops in 182 countries and the USA has started 201 wars and conflicts since 1945, and been responsible for the deaths of dozens of millions on civilians across the world…………..and you gullible Yankee truds approve of actions like this, what a pile of excrement you are

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