Glazov Gang: Antifa’s Violent Assault on “Patriot Prayer”

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This new Glazov Gang edition was joined by Joey Gibson, the founder of Patriot Prayer.

Joey came on to discuss Antifa’s Violent Assault on “Patriot Prayer”, sharing his group’s brave attempt to bring free speech to the American Campus.

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And make sure to watch Jamie’s stirring speech at a recent American Freedom Alliance conference in Los Angeles, focusing on United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Jihad:

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5 thoughts on “Glazov Gang: Antifa’s Violent Assault on “Patriot Prayer””

  1. Love what your doing Jamie! Your a kind hearted man! I’ve got your back! I’m spreading the word! So far I’ve been successful ! Love you! I’m Kate from Texas!

  2. Thanks for giving heroes of free speech such good airtime. Loved your Dr Charles Jacobs video as well. Just recently saw Milo Yiannopoulos here in Western Australia, luckily there were no protesters. However there were violent protests in Melbourne Victoria and Sydney New South Wales. The Victorian government is trying to make Milo pay a fifty thousand dollar bill for the police protection required to keep the violent protesters at bay! So far his tour sponsors have said they will refuse to do so. Keep up the good work Jamie!!! Thanks for showing us internationally with your numerous interviews with free speech advocates that even though we might seem scarce in number, there are actually more than we think on our side. This is no small thing indeed from keeping us from despair.

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