Glazov Moment: Islamic Female Genital Mutilation and Denial

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In this new Jamie Glazov Moment, Jamie discusses Islamic Female Genital Mutilation and Denial, unveiling the monstrosity that lies behind the “others do it too” mantra.

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And make sure to watch Jamie’s stirring speech delivered at a recent American Freedom Alliance conference in Los Angeles. where he focused on United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Jihad, reflecting on how: “I thought we escaped the Soviet Union. But the Soviet Union came to us.

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18 thoughts on “Glazov Moment: Islamic Female Genital Mutilation and Denial”

  1. Like every person in the harmful religion free world-we all feel the Muslims way of living-and traditions in special regarding female do not fit into our part of the world-and I will as well state-it do not fit into any other world as well. We use to punish criminals that do harm to other people, that make me ask-how can any country with this Law excuse himself to not prosecute this kind of behavior that destroy the life of a innocent female from the early start of her life into the end…….. It have to be stopped…but maybe not in traditional Arabs-Muslims countries-in that case we have to close our eyes and don’t look into that. Islam are a dictator organisation that have no reason-or-belongs to a normal world…..

  2. The problem is to reform islam you must start its criticism.

    It means that you will be accused of Islamophobia …

    And Islam is a totalitarian absolutist political project.

  3. and sadly Canada’s IMAM controlled Muslim catering PM has moved to have this mutilation removed from the laws that prevent it.

  4. I have been fighting FGM for a number of years, mostly on radio and the bog Politico Mafioso, and now Twitter. I continued the beat that Dawud Vol 41, 5251 was not valid. The last Grand Mufti of Egypt, Ali, had scholars at al-Azhar check: no Hadith on FGM was valid. No document showing FGM required! Ali’s fatwas was in the Book FROM THE TRADITIONS. Don’t have it with , but think it is chapter 22. Amazon has it. Sheik Ali is author.

  5. How come you never get so exercised about Male Genital Mutilation – which if I am not mistaken is part of the Jewish Tradition?

    Why does this not elicit the same horror?

    1. Circumcision is not practiced only by Jews, and the tip of the penis is not cut, only part of the skin is removed. It’s just a total or partial retreat of the foreskin. The Egyptians would be at the origin of this practice that has nothing to do with the genital mutilation of women where the clitoris is cut … As a general rule, a circumcised father will circumcise his son, for the simple reason that for a child who does not have the same sex as his father, this could be troubling for him.

  6. What purpose fgm does play in those societies that practice it? I think that is an important question for eradicating this practice., especially when it is orchastrated by women on women. Is it a way for instance for a mother to keep her control of their sons because they fear being discarded by daughter-in-law?

      1. Jamie, the circumcision have nothing to do with what we call “Female genital mutilation”.

        The Female genital mutilation is done with the aim of reducing the sexual pleasure of the woman, the lip of the vagina and the clitoris can be completely cut off.

        This has nothing to do with circumcision that is not practiced for the same purpose as in Islam.

        The foreskin is an embryonic skin residue, a remnant of the formation of the penis, which persists at birth.

        This has nothing to do with the Mahometan practice, it is not practiced for the purpose of removing the pleasure to man …

        1. Also, In poor and hot countries, circumcision can prevent illness caught during swimmings. It has also been proven that in high-risk countries dealing with AIDS, circumcision can reduce the risk of AIDS by up to 61%. The World Health Organization and UNAIDS recommend circumcision at any age to prevent AIDS in areas of high prevalence.

        2. Nicoles, please don’t speak to me as if you are educating me on this issue. This has been one of my main fields of research for more than twenty years. You reveal ignorance about the male foreskin and also the societal impulses to remove it, and the history behind it.

          Are you educated about the foreskin’s possession of a rich concentration of blood vessels and nerve endings? The veins, arteries, capillaries, hundreds of feet of nerves, and more than 20,000 nerve endings? The muscles, glands, and mucous membrane?

          It is obvious that male circumcision severely weakens the power of sexual excitement and the capacity for sexual enjoyment. And that is its whole purpose. St. Thomas Aquinas, leading Muslim authorities, and great Jewish philosophers, such as Philo and Maimonides, all affirmed that the main objective of male circumcision was to reduce sexual pleasure. This is why leading American medical textbooks until the 1970s told the truth about one of the main reasons they advocated circumcision — as a way to prevent masturbation.

          The loss of the protective foreskin obviously desensitizes the glans, which it is meant to do. The rich nerve network and all the nerve receptors in the foreskin are severed — the membrane covering the glans is exposed and subjected to constant abrasion. It becomes desensitized, dry and tough.

          Male circumcision not only mutilates male sexual pleasure, but also prevents the normal sensory stimulation of the brain and emotional well-being.

          Do your research on what the foreskin is, what its function is meant to be, use your common sense about what happens when it is removed and why certain forces want it removed. The denial on this issue is an enablement of the mutilation of human beings.

          Readings 101:

  7. Ok, I didn’t know this. I found some explaination on internet.

    But I will not put it on the same critical plan than the female genital mutilation when the lips and the clitoris are cut.

    You only can put it on the same critical plan when only the foreskin of the clitoris is cut.

    I make a difference between a foreskin that is cut (in women and men) and the lips of the vagina and clitoris that are completly cut.

    Even if in both cases the goal is to reduce sexual pleasure, it is clear that the practice of cutting the lip of the vagina and clitoris still seems much more cruel.

    The fact is that after what I read my opinion has changed regarding circumcision.

    And what about the recommendation of The World Health Organization and UNAIDS ?

    What do you think about it ?

    1. Nicholes, first you say that male mutilation does not affect sexual pleasure, then once it is shown to you that it does, you start arguing it is not as bad as FGM…..when no one ever stated that one was worse than the other. Both mutilations hurt boys and girls.

      I am not sure why you are confused by the “recommendations” of The World Health Organization and UNAIDS….as if these organizations somehow want to serve the interests of people….this must be your sense of humor?

      ….What next, you will be confused about why the medical industry is pushing vaccines and statins and all other myriad forms of monstrous harm on humans? Reflect on the demonization of anyone who is against male circumcision…… and vaccines ……and cholesterol medication …..etc etc etc and you will start seeing what is going on.

  8. Jamie, thank you for all the links, very interesting.

    I just think that cutting the lip of the vagina and the clitoris is more serious and cruel than cutting the foreskin … That’s all.

    For me, there is a hierarchy in horror.

    Cut the foreskin is not cut the penis glans …

    The man can still feel pleasure even if this practice is wrong in view of what you expose.

    In the other case, the woman can no longer feel clitoral pleasure,

    I think there is a difference.

    That in the case of total female genital mutilation, there is clearly a desire to destroy the pleasure of the woman, it is explicit.

    In the other case, even if what you denounce is real, parents who circumcise their children do not have the will to destroy their sexuality. There is certainly ignorance.

    But I do not think that all the parents who circumcise their children are monsters, while those who cut the lips of the vagina and the clitoris of their daughter are for me clearly monsters, because there is clearly a desire to destroy almost completely the sexuality of their daughters.

    I think that had to be clarified.

    And that does not detract from the fact, and from what you expose, that circumcision may be condemnable.

    For the rest, the medical recommendations concerning circumcision, I ask you the question because you seem much better informed than me concerning all this …

    1. ok……..a huge part of the medical industry and those who rule over it…is not designed to help people…to say the least….and in many cases…to harm them.

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