Dr. Charles Jacobs on “Racist Arabs’ Black Slaves in Sudan and Mauritania”

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This new edition of The Glazov Gang features Dr. Charles Jacobs,
the president of Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

Dr. Jacobs discusses Racist Arabs’ Black Slaves in Sudan and Mauritania — which raises the question: Where is Arab Apartheid Week on American campuses?

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And make sure to watch Jamie’s stirring speech delivered at a recent American Freedom Alliance conference in Los Angeles. where he focused on United in Hate: The Left’s Romance With Jihad, reflecting on how: “I thought we escaped the Soviet Union. But the Soviet Union came to us.

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11 thoughts on “Dr. Charles Jacobs on “Racist Arabs’ Black Slaves in Sudan and Mauritania””

  1. Seriously, Give it a rest! Do you know what SLAVERY IS? ITS NOT WORKING FOR A PAYCHECK YOU FOOL! Ugh, Your ignorance must be BLISS.

  2. For the record the majority of slaves sold into America were sold in Africa by the followers of Islam practicing what was taught in the Quran Hadith and Sura. Mohamed owned slaves and also murdered over 500 jews personally in one day. As a mosque is a form of statue to mohamed should’t they all be destroyed?

    1. George Robinson,
      There where black slave owners in the US also, but don’t let facts get in your way. And the US has done something about the evil that is slavery, that is abolished it, unlike other ideologies that still allow the practice in various places around the globe.

  3. Incorrect, America didn’t ship any slaves the European powers did, and the majority of those slaves went to South America. The Europeans, for the most part, bought those slaves from Muslims and other African nations, who already had established slave trading networks. There were roughly over 10 million slaves shipped into the New World only around 400,00 came to North America. The Arab slave trade shipped over 20 Million Black slaves into the middle east in comparison. It is insulting to my slave ancestors to compare minimum wage work to slavery.

    1. even today these people are still looked down upon by the arab………..and they still do the most unpleasant jobs there are………although the legal slaves from asia are gradually dying…………working for their arab bosses for 0 dollars an hour………and I still assert that zero-wage jobs in mauritania are slave jobs……..140 hrs a week without any benefits or freedom……….and many are having to sell their children just to get by

      George, what do U know about islam? why not tell us about it? taqiyyah got your tongue?

      1. George, How about hundreds of years of genital mutilation by Africans and Arabs for hundreds of and still do it. I call that a form of slavery, terrorism and torture all rolled in to one. If it were not for western society millions of Africans and some Arabs would not have a clue as to what constitutes as the freedom to enojoy sex with the opposite sex as adults. !!!!! Islam is FAKE piety!

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